Euros Blog #5 by Tanja Kolbe & Stefano Caruso

Hello from Sheffield,

So today was the day of the free dance. We had a practice in the morning at 10:30 a.m. which was going really well. The dress was fixed and everything was working out good. Also the critical lift (in which we fell in the qualification) was perfect.

After the practice we relaxed and stayed in the Hotel, (also because the weather outside was horrible). It was raining with a little bit of snow, cold and windy.

When we came in the ice rink for warming up around 17:30 p.m., the stadium was already full of people because before us skated the ladies. We were excited but not very nervous or anything. We wanted to skate — finally — our free dance. We skated third in the second group. We skated the whole competition always in our group as the third couple. Our performance was really good and we didn’t do any mistakes. It was fun to skate and we enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately we didn’t get some levels and we don’t know why, but we are really happy about our first Europeans!!! We finished in 12th place, so we will not have to do the qualification next year. 🙂

It was a wonderful competition, but we are also happy that it’s finally over; it was a really long week for us.

So thank you everybody for your support and reading the blog.

Greetings Tanja & Stefano