Tea-Time Foxtrot

16WC-SD-KS-DB-21373_595Original music  –  “Tea for Two” by Prandi Sound
Rhythm –  Slow-Fox
Timing –  4/4
Tempo –  27 measures of 4 beats per minute; 108 beats per minute
Pattern –  optional
Duration – The time required to skate 1 sequence is 0:58 min.

Patterns, Step Charts & Additional Information

The Tea-Time Foxtrot is an extremely smooth, progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the ice. The rise and fall action should be present in up and
down knee actions, as well as continuity of the steps, so that if there is a full cup of tea on the head of a dancing lady, no drop would be spilled.

Essential to a comfortable and effective TEA-TIME FOXTROT is a dance frame, correct posture, connection, and foxtrot timing. The body should be held erect without either partner leaning towards
the other. While in closed hold, partners should maintain light contact in the diaphragm area. But posture is not just how you hold your own body, but also how you connect with your partner. The man should present the Lady, and the dance holds should be very elegant throughout the whole dance.

Steps are mostly choreographed in the typical Foxtrot timing of “slow-quick-quick, slow- quick-quick”, using all dance holds, without any break of hold, even during the Twizzles. This dance should be performed easily, smoothly and effortlessly, as if the dancers were having a relaxing tea-time break during a long day of work.

Inventors –  Sylwia Nowak-Trębacka, Natalia Kaliszek and Maksym Spodyriev
First performance – Nebelhorn Trophy, Oberstdorf, Germany, September 2016