Golden Spin Blog #1: Back to Blogging!

12gs-blog1Here we are, finally in competition again after a long and difficult beginning of the season.

Long story short is that Tanja broke her foot at the beginning of September, and so we couldn’t skate until the beginning of November. But after all, we managed to train as hard as we could to straighten things out, and we have to thank our coaches, Barbara, Mr. Skotnicky and René.

We arrived late last night here in Zagreb after 7 hours driving, it was actually a really smooth trip. 😀

Today we did our first Free Dance practice and together with Barbara, Igor Shpilband was with us, such a great honour. Everything went really good and we are looking forward to the competition (but not to the 6.50 AM practice lol).

It will be a great competition with great skaters, and I’m not speaking only in ice dance, but also in the singles events. We just saw Carolina Kostner today on the ice, she always looks beautiful!

Was great to finally see all our skating friends and have a little chat with them! For me, that’s what I was missing the most!

Regarding the weather, well….it’s pretty freezing outside. The temperature is around -8 Celsius and there is snow and ice all over the place!

Talk to you tomorrow after the Short Dance is over!

Love, Stefano & Tanja