boards-fotoWhat a long day!

Training started really early, first group was around 6, we skated at 6.50 for 20 minutes practice.

Everytime I see this schedule I have to say that I feel really sorry, especially for the girls.  They have to do their hair, make up and so on, so they must wake up even earlier! Anyway, training was good! After breakfast we went back to do what we were doing before…sleeping! 😀

The competition was really exciting. 19 ice dance teams are a lot actually!

Concerning our performance we are really happy, we got 57.49 points and we did our personal best in the SD and we finished 5th. We skated clean and Barbara and Igor were also really happy!

Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to see the other couples 🙁

During the afternoon I went with Tanja for a walk in the city center an we found some really nice Christmas markets!



Now is time to sleep, talk to you tomorrow after the Free Dance.

Love from Zagreb,

Tanja & Stefano

PS  Carolina skated a wonderfull short program, the music was fitting her perfectly!!!!