Golden Spin Blog #3: From Snowy Milan

12gs-blogday3Finally the end!!!!

Today was a really long day.  We woke up around 6.30 due to the early practice.  After the 25 minutes on the ice, we did finally eat breakfast and then back to sleep.  It is always wonderfull to wake up so early!!! 😉

About the competition, we have to say that we are really happy about our results.  We finished in 5th place and we are really happy with our performance considering our 3 weeks of preparation.  It is so nice to compete, we missed this feeling and we really enjoyed skating our free dance here in Zagreb!

Both Igor and Barbara were happy with our performance.  We also got good levels.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay tonight in Zagreb with all our friends because next week we have our nationals.


Tanja and I would like to say a few words for Igor Lukanin and Kristen Fraser.  In a few weeks, she is going to give birth to a beautiful baby girl.  They were so helpfull to us in our first summer together. They are such nice people and they deserve the best. We are really happy for them and best wishes!!!!!

Now we will have a day off….was a great pleasure to blog again for this website!

Love from a snowy Milan,

Tanja & Stefano