IDC EXCLUSIVE: Gustafson auditions for Glee

mauriLike millions of others, Mauri Gustafson is a fan of the television phenomenon Glee. The show’s official Facebook page boasts 2,224,480 fans. Their MySpace page, which includes a section for auditions, garnered 1,309,530 fans. When the chance to appear on the show was announced, it was a no-brainer for Gustafson to immediately audition.

“I love Glee because I love watching TV programs and movies where people break out into song and synchronized dancing without any apparent rehearsal time,” Gustafson said. “I love the characters on the show. Everyone has their unique story, and yet they all unite under a common love for singing. It is really inspiring for me.”

Inspiring because singing was something Gustafson loved but gave up to follow her ice dancing dream.

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