JGP Courchevel: Competition!

Competition. There’s nothing like it. The thrill you get while going on the ice while they announce your name. It’s fantastic. All the nerves, all the excitement, it all contributes to the fun of competition.

Day 4 – First competition day.

Competition day! After months of training these programs and waiting for the JGP season to start, it is finally here. The day started off just like all the others. I went to the bathroom to go “shower” and try not to wake up Chase with dropping the shower head. After that, I went upstairs to meet my coach and Emily  and to get breakfast. Just like I did the past 3 days I’ve been here, I had a couple chocolate croissants and cereal. Once we all finished breakfast, we headed off to the rink for the first practice of the day.

Hold on a minute – let me talk about someone who is probably the most amazing person we’ve ever met. He is one of the shuttle drivers and he is absolutely hilarious. He comes over to us all the time and smiles and make jokes – even though he barely speaks any English. He gave a few of us pins that he had collected from previous events. He is absolutely the greatest shuttle driver ever.

Ok – back to my day again. Practice! Practice went well and once again I felt good and under control. After practice, I went out to eat with my coach, my family, and the team leader. We ate a crepe restaurant, however, I ordered a panini. French bread. Delicious. Later, I went back to my hotel to regroup myself and focus and get ready for the competition.

Getting on that ice was like a dream come true. All the work and all the hours were worth it. All I did was go out there and skated my heart out and had fun – and what fun it was. The adrenaline rush is unexplainable. It’s everything I could ever have hoped for. I can’t wait for the free program tomorrow.

Now, before I go, let me talk about food again. After the competition, my family, Chase, and I went to the crepe place again. My brother suggested we get dessert, but no one wanted any. So I told him I would split with him. He ordered probably the greatest crepe. It was so warm, soft, and had ice cream on top. Whipped cream on the side and a Carmel drizzle on top with apples. Most delicious thing I’ve  ever eaten.

And that finishes up my 4th day here in Courchevel. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!