JGP Courchevel: Final Day

Goodbye to Courchevel! I can’t believe that this is my final day in France. The week went by so fast and I had so much fun.

Day 5 – Final day.

For my final day in Courchevel, I had to skate my free program. I was so excited to do my free dance because it is one of my favorite programs. Practice that morning was okay. The few hours before the free dance started were the longest hours of my life. Going on the ice for the final time was pure fun and absolutely exhilarating.

After the free dance, I met up with Chase to celebrate finishing our events and how else would we celebrate than by eating food?? Chase and I went back to our favorite place, the crepe restaurant. After devouring our crepes, we headed back to the hotel where we changed and got ready for the exhibition and after party. The exhibition was so much fun. I sat with my team and a couple of the French ice dancers. There were some great numbers, one of which was a hockey player and the MC of the exhibition. They were both mimes and the program was genius.

After the exhibition, our team went to the after party. Everyone kept talking about how great the food was.  Sadly, almost the whole team left within 40 minutes because half of us had to take the 12:30 AM bus out of Courchevel. The bus ride wasn’t too bad. I spent it talking with a couple of skaters and it helped the time go by. We arrived at the airport at 3 AM, even though no employees showed up until 5 AM.

It took just about a whole day to travel all the way back to California.

Finally, after all the flights, lay overs, and waiting, we made it home. It was an incredible experience going to Courchevel. It was beautiful there and I enjoyed my time there so much. I was so blessed to be there with such amazing friends and people. I will never forget my time there in Courchevel and I will cherish all the memories that I have gained.

Thank you to everyone for being so kind to me in Courchevel. Thank you to all my teammates, to my team leader, team doctor, and everyone who traveled with us. And thank you everyone who read my blog. It means a lot that you would take time and read about my first experience at a JGP.

Thank you all again!
Kevin Leahy