JGP Ostrava Blog #1: Off to Ostrava!

Hi, my name is Christina Carreira. I’m a new member on Team USA. I have been skating with Anthony Ponomarenko since last April and we are very excited to participate in our first JGP!!

We had a long but good flight. I’m not sure if it’s because of the excitement or the constant screams of the two twins sitting close to us that we were unable to sleep…

We made it through and finally arrived at our second stop, Frankfurt! The airport is huge, beautiful, full of stores, and the bakeries are so good! And yes of course… Anthony saw a beautiful BMW…I can’t remember which one it was, but I’m sure it was an expensive one! Then we met our team leader, Ben  Reissman, and our teammates Lorraine McNamara and Quinn Carpenter, just before taking off for the second flight from Frankfurt to Krakow, Poland!  

Short and easy flight…but it was too much, my eyes couldn’t stay open.

It’s hard to describe the Krakow airport… Construction should do it! I’m sure it will be nice some day!

We didn’t wait too long for our bus…yes we still had a two-hour bus ride to Ostrava. I didn’t see much of the landscape…too tired! Fell asleep like all the people in the bus! 

We got to the hotel first. Getting accreditation was very fast. I’m now in my room writing to you. Tonight we will have dinner with our team leader and go to bed early to be ready for practice tomorrow.