JGP Ostrava Blog #2: First practice!


Me again….

I have that strange habit of stretching my long legs all over the place.  In the middle of the night, I realized that one of my legs was actually on my roommate Lindsay’s bed!  I didn’t wake her up!  Sleeping felt so good.  I did it for 12 hours and was ready to go for day one practice!

First thing we did was the draw. We are skating 3rd.

The first practice went ok.  My legs didn’t feel like usual but, by the second practice, I was back to my old self.   The complex has two rinks, one for practice and a main rink. This one is awesome!

After practice we talked with our coach, made plans for the rest of the day and stretched. Then, we were heading for our bus ride to the hotel.  What is the most important thing for a skater at a JGP after their skates and costumes?  Their accreditation passes.  As I come to get into the bus, I realized I had nothing around my neck.  I looked inside my bag.  Nothing.  I ran back to the locker room and lucky enough it was there waiting for me.  I ran outside and the bus driver stopped the bus, so I was able to go back in with the rest of the team!

I went back to the hotel and decided to go for a walk in the streets of Ostrava, the old part, with my partner.  Walking can sometime get boring but not with Anthony!  He is quite funny and makes me laugh and yes he saw another car – a nice Jaguar.

After the walk we went for dinner with Lorraine, Quinn, Lindsay, Jacob and Andrew! We had a great time! I really love my experience so far.


Going to bed, tomorrow practice at 8!

Good night from Ostrava!