JGP Ostrava Blog #3: Time to Samba!

14jgpostrava-christina4It’s the middle of the afternoon here in Ostrava.  The sun is out and it’s a beautiful day for many reasons.

Our day started around 5:30 AM.  After a not so good night sleep, I got ready and went at the restaurant to meet Anthony.  I was in my “zone” so was my partner. I’ve been dreaming of this for so long and today is the day! 

We took the bus at 7 and headed to Czech Arena.

I stepped on the ice for practice. The feeling is great and I’m having fun!  Right after practice, we ran to take the bus back to the hotel and this time my accreditation was around my neck!

We both had a quick nap before we got back for another bus tour to the rink.  This is it… time to Samba!  


Every time I hear our names and representing the United State of America, I feel so proud and privileged to be here.  This short dance is tougher than the free dance but I just love doing it.  It’s fun, and full of energy just like me and Anthony.  We made little mistakes but we are very happy with the way we skated at this first JGP and with our marks



Now, it’s time to relax.  Tomorrow will be a looooooong day – we are skating last!