JGP Ostrava Blog #4: Free Dance!

14jgpostrava-christina5I don’t know where to start. I’m so happy right now!

The day started like the other one, but we had the chance to sleep in a little longer.  I decided to get up and have my hair an make up done before going down for breakfast.  The bus driver decide to take a new road to get to the rink, so we saw a little more of Ostrava.

Practice was good.  We started slowly and Igor kept us on the ice until the end, so we had to run and catch the bus to go back to the hotel.

After a nice shower, I met Anthony in the dining room and then I went back to my room and took my “power nap”. When I got up, it was time to get ready for our free dance.

We took the bus at 6:30 pm. All teams from the last warm up were there with their coaches. Anthony and I are quite relaxed and we are talking and having fun with Igor!

We arrive at the rink and the event was halfway through. I was surprised that there were a lot of people from Ostrava in the stands. Parents and other skaters from Team USA were there to support us and Lorraine and Quinn.  That was great!

Warm up was good. We did our job, then the wait began. I think that drawing our skating order is not our strength and I don’t like to skate last!  We skated well and I really enjoy doing this program. I just love to be on the ice and compete….this is such a great feeling!  I would do it all over again.

Lorraine and Quinn came in third place.  We came in fifth with a total score of 129.98 – not bad for a first JGP!

We returned to the hotel.  II’m so hungry right now, but I can’t eat. I don’t have my accreditation (yes, again)!!!   Quinn brought it back from the rink where I had left it and I went for a nice well-deserved ice cream with my roommate, Lindsey.


14jgpostrava-christina6   14jgpostrava-christina7

Good night from Ostrava!!