JGP Ostrava Blog #5: Au revoir Ostrava!


I woke up so late today.  Almost everyone missed breakfast, so we decided to go with Quinn, Lorraine and our mothers to Ostrava. There is a centre with nice cafe and pastries places.  This will be a nice treat!

It’s a beautiful warm and sunny day here.  The pastries are all yummy! 

Once back at the hotel we went on to cheer for Karen Chen. She skated well and finished in 3rd place. After, we all went outside for some team USA pictures.  We were a nice group of skaters and I will miss them all.  We had fun!

Now it was time to head back to the hotel to pack our luggage. After this, Team USA went back to the rink to cheer for Andrew Torgashev. He skated a beautiful long program and finished in 4th place! So this is it, already over.

We will leave around 2am for a two hour bus ride back to Krakow and should be back in Michigan Sunday afternoon.

This first JGP was great in so many ways.  Thanks to our team leader, Ben and our doctor, Sherrie.  Thank you Melanie and Daphne for giving me this opportunity to share my experiences.


Au revoir Ostrava!