Molly Raymond & Nathan Raymond


raymondsWhat is your favorite part of ice dancing (lifts, spins, footwork) and WHY?
Molly: I like every aspect of ice dancing. All of it is very fun for me.

Nathan: Lifts are my favorite because they are the most challenging in how they can test your strength and balance.

You have a strong family support system, tell us how this helps you in your skating?
Molly: It is very helpful to have family support when you are nervous and I have to say that my mom inspires me!

Nathan: It’s great to know your family is behind you and believes in you. This gives you more confidence. Even our grandparents travel to most of our out of town competitions to see us skate.

Your brother Garrett, was one of your biggest cheerleaders. He passed away last year (cancer). Tell us what his support meant to you and how this continues to influence you on and off the ice?
Molly and Nathan: He was there for every competition and the majority of our practices.

He is our hero! He went through so much during his treatment and had so many difficult days, but never really complained and always tried to have a smile on his face. He was so strong! He supported our skating all the way, even if it meant not getting to do something that he wanted. We owe it to him to work as hard as we can and become the best skaters we can be. He would have wanted to see us succeed.

Tell us about your charity work with St. Baldricks.
Molly: St. Baldricks is a charity event which raises money for CureSearch (Childrens Cancer Research). For the last few years my mom and the boys have raised money and even shaved their heads, the first year with Garrett.

Last June we held our own mini St. Baldricks party in honor of Garrett, where I shaved my head too. We even shaved Garrett’s doctor’s head and a few of the residents who took care of him. From this event we raised $2000 to give in memory of Garrett.

Nathan: The gold ribbon is the international symbol of childhood cancer awareness. Last year we had gold ribbons on our costumes because our program was dedicated to Garrett.

We plan to place a gold ribbon on all of our costumes from now on to show support and raise awareness for those who continue to deal with the diagnosis of cancer.

Tell us about training in Rockford; did you move there recently to train with your coach?
Nathan and Molly: We moved here in Dec. 2004 to train with Gene Heffron. We were working with him on a part time basis here and there and he had helped us a lot. We would never have made it to the final round at Jr. Nationals without him. He pushes us beyond what we think we can do. He’s tough and we need that! He’s great!

Susie Wynne is listed as your choreographer, what is it like for working with her?
Nathan and Molly:
We were really excited when she said she would help us last fall with our program. She put together a wonderful program in a short amount of time. She knew we wanted to perform something special for our brother and it turned out great!

Susie was a lot of fun to work with and we will look forward to working with her again this year.

What do you like most about working with each other?
Molly: It’s nice because we are always together for practice and never have to worry about anyone else’s schedule or such.

Nathan has pushed me to become a stronger skater so that we could be a better match.

Nathan: If I get angry and yell at her she will still be there at the next practice because she’s my sister.