Natalia Romaniuta


natasha-egor1In 2000 and 2001, Natalia Romaniuta was the World Junior Champion with Daniil Barantsev. Although the couple seemed to have a promising future, they ended their partnership after the European Championships in 2002. Romaniuta and Barantsev have been missed by their fans and Barantsev found a new partner in the United States. Natalia is now actively searching for a partner so she can return to the world ice dancing stage.

During her hiatus from competitive skating, Natalia has been coaching. Her personal life has also been busy; she is now married and has a son, Egor.


When and why did you start figure skating?
I have started in 1987, when I was 5 years old. My parents were going crazy from my energy. My mum took me to gymnastics and after 1 year I have gone to ballet. My mum was a ballet dancer, but she all time wished to be in figure skating. So, I started to skate.

Why did you pick ice dancing over freestyle?
I always liked to dance. I had a problem with my back and I could not remain in singles skating. I had a choice I could dance on the stage or dance on the ice and I decided to be on ice.

Did you skated with any other partners?
My partner was Evgeny Zagovalkao. I also skated with Arseniy Markov for a short time in the US, but it did not work out.


What are your favorites elements of ice dancing?
Most I like steps where I can show good technique. Tangos are also my favorite.

Who do you lookup to as your role models in ice dance?
Anzhelika Krylova and Evgeny Platov are my idols.

Tell us about your last competitive event.
My last competition was European Championships (Daniil then was sick & we didn’t skate our free dance). I think we made the correct decision to leave our partnership. We did not have a future. I am glad that we stopped before we would to lose to our rivals.


You now have a family and are coaching.
My husband too was a sportsman. He is World & European Champion in Koshiki Karate. Our son, Egor, is now 9 months old. He looks like my husband and I love them so much.

I enjoy coaching and it is pleasant to me. I love children. We understand each other well.

How do you spend your free time?
I like to walk, ski and meet with my best friends.


You want to return to ice dancing and are looking for a partner. Tell us about what qualities would make the best partner for you?
He should be tall (I am 173 cm), with a normal athletic body, and certainly he should wish to skate.

Because of your family, you are not able to relocate. Are you willing to skate for another country (but train in Russia)?
Yes, but if so, then I consider opportunity to train in other country.

What do you miss most about competing?
I miss on sensations which you feel on ice when skates.

If you do find a partner, have you thought about who you would like to be your coach?
Time will tell and show.

If you are interested in arranging a tryout with Natalia, please contact her via email at [email protected].