Profile – Charise Matthaei & Maximilian Pfisterer


Country: Germany (GER) de 
Level: Senior
Status: Eligible
Club: SC Berlin (GER), ERC Munchen (GER)
Coach(es):  Rene Sachtler-Lohse
Choreographer(s):  Stefano Caruso, Barbara Fusar Poli, Andreas Fischer
Training Location:  Berlin (GER) 
Began Skating Together:  2016 




   Charise Matthaei
Maximilian Pfisterer
Birth date: October 19, 2000 July 8, 1997
Birth place: Berlin (GER) Munich (GER)
Home town: Berlin (GER) Hoehenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn (GER)
Started skating:  2003 2000
Former partner(s):    Melina Kufner, Franziska Pfisterer




17th – 2019 World Junior Championships
3rd – 2019 Bavarian Open
1st – 2019 German National Championships (Jr)
3rd – 2018 Grand Prix of Bratislava
3rd – 2018 Bosphorus Cup
3rd – 2018 Pavel Roman Memorial
5th – 2018 Halloween Cup
9th – 2018 JGP Ljubljiana Cup
9th – 2018 JGP Austria
19th – 2018 World Junior Championships
8th – 2018 Mentor Torun Cup (Jr)
3rd – 2018 Bavarian Open (Jr)

2nd – 2018 German National Championships (Jr)
5th – 2017 Golden Spin of Zagreb
4th – 2017 Leo Scheu Memorial
9th – 2017 JGP Riga Cup
9th – 2017 Bavarian Open (Jr)
1st – 2017 German National Championships (Jr)
10th – 2016 Santa Claus Cup (Jr)
5th – 2016 Open d’Andorra (Jr)
10th – 2016 NRW Trophy Ice Dance (Jr)
11th – 2016 Youth Olympic Games (Jr)
2nd – 2016 German National Championships (Jr)
19th – 2015 Santa Claus Cup (Jr)
5th – 2015 P Roman Memorial (Jr)
15th – 2015 NRW Trophy Ice Dance (Jr)



2019-2020 Season  
Rhythym Dance:  
 Free Dance:  
2018- 2019 Season  
Rhythm Dance:  “Spanish Flame” by Maxime Rodriguez, “Tango d’Amor” and “Farrucas” by Pepe Romero
 Free Dance: “This World Will Remember Me”, “How About a Dance (reprise), and “This World Will Remember Us” by Frank Wildhorn, Don Black
2017- 2018 Season  
Short Dance:  Willkommen, Mein Herr and Finale Cabaret Reprise from Cabaret (soundtrack) 
 Free Dance: Blackheart and Winterspell by Two Steps from Hell
2016- 2017 Season  
Short Dance:   
 Free Dance:  



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 ISU PROFILE: Matthaei/Pfisterer ISU Bio