Profile – Evgeniia Lopareva & Geoffrey Brissaud


Country: France (FRA) fr
Level: Senior
Club: Lyon Glace Patinage
Coach(es): Roxane Petetin, Romain Haguenauer, Marie France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon, Pascal Dénis 

Romain Haguenauer, Guillaume Cizeron

Training Location: Lyon (FRA)
Began Skating Together: 2018



Evgeniia Lopareva Geoffrey Brissaud 
Birth date: May 30, 2000 March 23, 1998
Birth place: Moscow (RUS) Limoges (FRA)
Home town: Moscow (RUS) Moscow (RUS)
Started skating: 2004 2000
Former partner(s): Alexey Karpushov Sarah Marine Rouffanche



4th – 2024 European Championships
1st – 2023 French National Championships
1st – 2023 Warsaw Cup
3rd – 2023 Grand Prix de France
3rd – 2023 Skate America
2nd – 2023 Shanghai Trophy
1st – 2023 French Masters
2nd – 2023 Autumn Classic International
12th – 2023 World Championships
5th – 2023 European Championships
1st – 2022 French National Championships
5th – 2022 NHK Trophy
3rd – 2022 Grand Prix de France
2nd – 2022 Budapest Trophy
9th – 2022 European Championships
2nd – 2021 French National Championships
5th – 2021 Internationaux de France
6th – 2021 Gran Premio D’Italia
2nd – 2021 Trophee Metropole Nice Cote d’Azur
8th – 2021 ISU CS Lombardia Trophy
1st – 2021 Challenge Cup
2nd – 2021 French National Championships
17th- 2021 World Championships
15th – 2020 European Championships
3rd – 2020 French National Championships
4th – 2019 Warsaw Cup
6th – 2019 Nepela Memorial
10th – 2019 World Junior Championships
2nd – 2019 Egna Dance Trophy



2023- 2024 Season
Rhythm Dance: “Sans contefacon” and “Tristana” by Mylene Farmer
 Free Dance: “Elegie in E-Flat Minor, Op. 3, No. 1” and “Prélude in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 3, No. 2″ by Sergei Rachmaninov
2022- 2023 Season
Rhythm Dance: “Paxi Ni Ngongo” by Bonga and “Magalenha” by Sergio Mendes
 Free Dance: “L’Accordéoniste” and “Mon Dieu” by Edith Piaf
2021- 2022 Season
Rhythm Dance: “The Next Episode” by Dr Dree Feat Snoop Dogg, “Killing Me Softly With His Song” by Fugees, “Jump Around” by House of Pain
 Free Dance: “Adagio In Sol Minores Mi 26 (live)” by Hauser, arranged by Cedric  Tour and “Allegretto” by Karl Jenkins, arranged by Cedric Tour
2019- 2020 Season
Rhythm Dance: “Two Darn Hot” from Kiss Me Kate
 Free Dance: “Adagio for Tron” by Daft Punk and “Huggy Bellkiss”
2018- 2019 Season
Rhythm Dance: “El Choclo”
 Free Dance: “Danse Macabre” by Camille Saint-Saens



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