Country: Canada (CAN) ca
Level: Senior
Status: Eligible
Club: Kelowna FSC (CAN) / Champs International Skating Center of British Columbia (CAN)
Coach(es):  Megan Wing, Aaron Lowe
Choreographer(s):  Megan Wing, Aaron Lowe (RD) Mathew Gates (FD)
Training Location:  Burnaby, BC (CAN)
Began Skating Together: 2014



  Haley Sales Nikolas Wamsteeker
Birth date: December 26, 1996 October 28, 1996
Birth place: Quesnel, BC (CAN) Winnipeg, MB (CAN)
Home town: Kelowna, BC (CAN) Langley, BC (CAN)
Started skating:  2000  2000
Former partner(s):    Jessica Jiang, Jazlyn Tabachniuk



3rd- 2020 Bavarian Open
4th- 2020 Canadian National Championships
10th- 2019 Skate Canada

11th- 2019 Nebelhorn Trophy
4th – 2019 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships
2nd – 2019 Skate Canada Challenge
9th – 2018 Skate Canada
4th – 2018 U.S. International Classic
3rd – 2018 Lake Placid Ice Dance International
9th – 2018 Four Continents Championships
6th – 2018 Canadian National Championships
1st – 2018 Skate Canada Challenge
1st – 2018 BC/YK Sectionals
10th – 2017 Nebelhorn Trophy
8th – 2017 Lake Placid Ice Dance International
5th – 2017 Canadian Championships
3rd – 2017 Skate Canada Challenge
1st – 2017 BC/YK Sectionals
9th – 2016 Autumn Classic International
7th – 2016 Lake Placid Ice Dance International
4th – 2016 Canadian Championships (Jr)
3rd – 2016 Skate Canada Challenge (Jr)
1st – 2016 BC/YK Sectionals (Jr)
6th – 2015 JGP Cup of Austria
4th – 2015 Lake Placid Ice Dance International (Jr)
9th – 2015 Canadian Championships (Jr)
9th – 2015 Skate Canada Challenge (Jr)



2019-2020 Season  
Rhythm Dance:

“Dancing Queen” and “Mamma Mia” by Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus from Mamma Mia
“Mamma Mia” (Glee Version) by Stig, Benny Andersson 

Choreo: Megan Wing and Aaron Lowe

 Free Dance:

“S’Apre per te il mio cuor” performed by Filippa Giordano
“Bacchanale” by Camille Saint-Saens from Samson and Dalilah


Choreo: Igor Shpilband

2019-2020 Season  
Rhythym Dance:  
 Free Dance:  
2018- 2019 Season  
Short Dance: “Volver” by Maxime Rodriguez, “Que Falta Que Me Haces”  from the Forever Tango CD
 Free Dance: “Seduces Me” and “Ne Me Quitte Pas” performed by Celine Dion
2017- 2018 Season  
Short Dance: “La Belleza” [Marta Sanchez] + “Cuentame que te Paso” [Pepe & The Bottle Blondes]
 Free Dance: Selections from the Robin and Marian soundtrack by John Barry, including “Robin and Marian Suite”, “Planting the Fields,” and “The Ride to Sherwood/The Ride to Nottingham”
2016- 2017 Season  
 Short Dance: “Feeling Good” [Nina Simone]
 Free Dance: “Somebody to Love” and “Love of My Life”
2015- 2016 Season  
Short Dance: “Steppin’ Out With My Baby” [Doris Day]; “Old Fashioned Walk” [Doris Day & Frank Sinatra]
 Free Dance: “Spartacus” [Alex North]



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OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT(S): @salesandwamsteeker
 ISU PROFILE: Sales/Wamsteeker ISU Bio