Profile – Julia Biechler & Damian Dodge


Country: United States (USA) us
Level: Senior
Status: Partnership ended 2018. Biechler to focus on singles.
Club: SC of Wilmington (USA) / Peninsula SC (USA)
Coach(es):  Yovanny Durango, Natalia Linichuk
Choreographer(s):  Natalia Linichuk 
Training Location:  Aston, PA (USA) 
Began Skating Together: 2012 



  Julia Biechler Damian Dodge
Birth date: September 6, 1998  September 1, 1994 
Birth place: Hershey, PA (USA)  Warminster, PA (USA) 
Home town: Middletown, PA (USA) Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Started skating: 2000 1998 
Former partner(s): Alexander Petrov  Cassandra Jeandell 



10th – 2018 U.S. National Championships
1st – 2018 Eastern Sectional Championships
17th – 2017 Finlandia Trophy
8th – 2017 U.S. International Classic
7th – 2017 Lake Placid Ice Dance International
7th – 2017 U.S. National Championships
1st – 2017 Eastern Sectionals
4th – 2016 Lombardia Trophy
5th – 2016 Lake Placid Ice Dance International
5th – 2016 U.S. National Championships (Jr)
1st – 2016 Eastern Sectionals (Jr) 
3rd – 2015 JGP Cup of Austria 
5th – 2015 JGP Bratislava
8th – 2015 U.S. National Championships (Jr)
3rd – 2015 Eastern Sectionals (Jr)
6th – 2014 JGP Pokal der Blauen Schwerter
5th – 2014 JGP Ljubljana Cup
7th – 2014 U.S. National Championships (Jr))
1st – 2014 Eastern Sectionals (Jr)
9th – 2013 U.S. National Championships (Jr)
3rd – 2013 Pacific Coast Sectionals (Jr) 



2017- 2018 Season  
Short Dance:  Into You by Ariana Grande; I Know You Want Me by Pitbull
 Free Dance: American Woman by Lenny Kravitz; I Put a Spell On You by Joe Cocker; Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
2016- 2017 Season  
Short Dance:  Why Don’t You Do Right by Amy Irving; Tainted Love by Imelda May 
 Free Dance: Breathe Me by Sia 



  OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: Biechler & Dodge Facebook Page 
OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT(S): j_biechler / TazDamian_Devil 
OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT(S): @JuliaBiechler and @TazDamian_Devil 
 ISU PROFILE: Biechler/Dodge ISU Bio