Profile – Karina Manta & Joseph Johnson


Country: United States (USA) us  
Level: Senior 
Status: Retired 2019 to tour with Cirque du soleil
Club: Coyotes SC of Arizona (USA) / Broadmoor SC (USA)
Coach(es):  Patti Gottwein
Choreographer(s):  Trina Pratt and Ben Agosto (rhythm dance), Christopher Dean (free dance)
Training Location:  Colorado Springs, CO (USA) 
Began Skating Together: 2014 



  Karina Manta Joe Johnson 
Birth date: May 30, 1996  May 5, 1994
Birth place:   Rockford, IL (USA)
Home town: Chandler, AZ (USA) Fort Collins, CO (USA)  
Started skating: 2002  2003 
Former partner(s): Jonathan Thompson Paolina Bushur, Tory Patsis 



7th – U.S. National Championships
10th – 2018 Skate America
5th – 2018 U.S. International Classic
9th – 2018 U.S. National Championships
2nd – 2018 Midwestern Sectional Championships
14th – 2017 Nebelhorn Trophy
5th – 2017 Lake Placid Ice Dance International
8th – 2017 U.S. National Championships
1st – 2017 Midwestern Sectionals
5th – 2016 US International FS Classic
6th – 2016 Lake Placid Ice Dance International
7th – 2016 U.S. National Championships
1st – 2016 Pacific Coast Sectionals
3rd – 2015 Autumn Classic International
10th – 2015 U.S. Championships (Jr)
3rd – 2015 Midwestern Sectionals (Jr)




2019-2020 Season  
Rhythym Dance:  
 Free Dance:  
2018- 2019 Season  
Rhythm Dance:  “Malaguena” by Enersto Lecuona, “Alcoba Azul” by Elliot Goldenthal
 Free Dance: “Sweet Dreams” by Emily Browning, “Sweet Dreams (are Made of This)” by Dave Stewart & His Fabulous Orchestra
2017- 2018 Season  
Short Dance:  Right Now  by Pussycat Dolls; Fireball by Pitbull
 Free Dance: Your Song and One Day I’ll Fly Away from Moulin Rouge! by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman
2016- 2017 Season  
Short Dance:  Dream a Little Dream and I Wanna be Like You by Robbie Williams
 Free Dance: Dream On by Aerosmith



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