Profile – Lorenza Alessandrini & Pierre Souquet


Country: France (FRA) fr 
Level: Senior 
Status: Partnership Ended January 2018; Alessandrini Retired
Club: CSG Lyon (FRA)
Coach(es):  Muriel Zazoui, Olivier Schoenfelder, Diana Ribas, Roberto Pelizzola
Choreographer(s):  Diana Ribas, Olivier Schoenfelder, C Giordani
Training Location:  Lyon (FRA)
Began Skating Together: 2014 



  Lorenza Alessandrini Pierre Souquet
Birth date: August 6, 1990   July 18, 1994
Birth place: Milan (ITA)  Paris (FRA) 
Home town: Lyon (FRA)  Lyon (FRA) 
Started skating:  1994  1998
Former partner(s):  Tommasso Forchini, Simone Vaturi Peroline Ojardas 



4th – 2017 French National Championships
10th – 2017 Tallinn Trophy

10th – 2017 Internationaux de France
11th – 2017 Cup of Nice
16th – 2017 Finlandia Trophy
6th – 2017 Bavarian Open
5th – 2017 Mentor Torun Cup
3rd – 2017 French National Championships
9th – 2016 Trophee de France
7th – 2016 Nebelhorn Trophy
4th – 2016 Bavarian Open
20th – 2016 European Championships
2nd – 2016 French National Championships
6th – 2015 Santa Claus Cup
8th – 2015 Tallinn Trophy
2nd – 2015 Coupe de Nice
8th – 2015 Nebelhorn Trophy 
5th – 2015 Bavarian Open
4th – 2015 French National Championships 



2017- 2018 Season  
Short Dance:  TBD
 Free Dance: U-Turn (Lilli) by AaRON; Angel performed by Sarah McLaughliln; Iris performed by the Goo Goo Dolls
2016- 2017 Season  
Short Dance:  Treat Me Rough by Debbie Gravitte; Rhythm by Casey McGill and the Spirits of Rhythm
 Free Dance: Trees by Max Richter; Summer by Max Richter; Love Actually (soundtrack suite) by Craig Armstrong



  OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: Lorenza AlessandriniPierre Souquet
OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT(S): @Loryalessandrini / @pierre.souquet
 ISU PROFILE: Alessandrini/Souquet ISU Bio