Profile – Marie Dupayage & Thomas Nabais


Country: France (FRA) fr
Level: Senior
Status: Eligible
Club: Villard de Lans Vercour / ESV Patinage Vitry sur Seine
Coach(es): Karine Arribert, Mahil Chantelauze
Choreographer(s): Karine Arribert, Mahil Chantelauze
Training Location: Villard de Lans Vercors Patinage (FRA) / Vitry Skating Club (FRA)
Began Skating Together: 2016



  Marie Dupayage Thomas Nabais
Birth date: August 9, 2000 May 25, 2000
Birth place: Saint Martin d’Heres (FRA) Vitry sur Seine (FRA)
Home town: Lans en Vercor (FRA) Villard de Lans (FRA)
Started skating: 2004 2008
Former partner(s):    



1st – 2024 Egna Dance Trophy
12th – 2024 European Championships
3rd – 2023 French National Championships
1st- 2023 Bosphorus Cup
3rd – 2023 Warsaw Cup
7th – 2023 Grand Prix de France
2nd – 2023 Mezzaluna Cup
5th – 2023 Finlandia Trophy
2nd – 2023 French Masters
21st – 2023 World Championships
1st – 2023 Winter Universiade
5th – 2022 Championnat de France
3rd – 2022 Warsaw Cup
9th – 2022 Grand Prix de France
2nd – 2022 Trophee Metropole Nice Cote d’Azur
3rd – 2022 Ondrej Nepela Memorial
2nd – 2022 Bavarian Open
4th – 2022 French National Championships
8th – 2021 Open d’Andorra
5th – 2021 Denis Ten Memorial Challenge
5th – 2021 Trophee Metropole Nice Cote d’Azur
2nd –  2021 Egna Dance Trophy
1st – 2020 Santa Claus Cup
1st – 2020 Championnat de France Junior
9th – 2020 Mentor Torun Cup
4th – 2019 Bosphorus Cup (Jr)
9th – 2019 Volvo Cup Open (Jr)
7th – 2019 JGP Enga/Neumarkt
2nd – 2019 Masters de Patinage (Jr)
7th – 2019 JGP Riga Cup
6th – 2019 Egna Dance Trophy (Jr)
7th – 2018 Pavel Roman Memorial
12th – 2018 Mentor Torun Cup (Jr)
13th – 2017 Tallinn Trophy (Jr)
14th – 2017 JGP Cup of Austria
9th – 2017 Mentor Torun Cup (Jr)
14th – 2016 Tallinn Trophy (Jr)



2024- 2025 Season
Rhythm Dance:
 Free Dance:
2023- 2024 Season
Rhythm Dance: “St. John” and “Cry Me a River” by Aerosmith and “Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash”
Free Dance: “Mechanisms” by Kirill Richter and “Arioso (Largo F minor concerto) by Johann Sebastian Bach performed by William Haviland
2022-2023 Season
Rhythym Dance: “Quetzalcoatl Offering” by Captain Planet – arranged by Hugo Chouinard
“Aguas de Marco” by Smoke City” – arranged by Hugo Chouinard
“Dame Agua” by Captain Planet – arranged by Hugo Chouinard
 Free Dance: “Innocent” by Fleshquartet
“Dance: I. First Movement” by Oliver Davis, Kerenza Peacock, Huw Watkins, Paul Bateman
2021-2022 Season
Rhythym Dance: “Toxic” by Bloodshy & Avant
 Free Dance: “Innocent” by Fleshquartet
“Dance: I. First Movement” by Oliver Davis, Kerenza Peacock, Huw Watkins, Paul Bateman
2019-2020 Season
Rhythym Dance: Selections from Singing in the Rain
 Free Dance: “Market Diktat Song” and “Spero Lucem” by Jean-Philippe Goude
2018- 2019 Season
Rhythm Dance: “Paris Texas” by Gotan Project and “Juguete Rabioso” by La Chicana
 Free Dance: “Spiegel im Spiegel” by Arvo Paert and “ La Vale de Amelie” by Yan tiersen (Remix)




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