American Waltz

American Waltz

Music – Waltz 3/4
Tempo – 66 measures of 3 beats per minute
– 198 beats per minute
Pattern – optional
Duration – The dance is skated for one minute after the man’s first three turn

Patterns, Step Charts & Additional Information

The American Waltz consists of a series of semi-circular lobes skated alternately towards and away from the midline. These lobes are joined at the ends by 6 beat outside rolls. Two lobes are directed towards the midline except that on ice surfaces less than 60 meters in length it is permissible to skate only one lobe towards the midline. This is the only pattern option permitted. The lobes nearest the ends are positioned so that their ends are closer to the midline, making it possible for a single 6 beat roll to connect them. The start and finish of all other lobes should be equidistant from the midline. All steps should be of equal curvature so that each group of three steps forms a large semi-circle.

The expression of waltz music is characterized primarily be evenness of flow between points of major and minor emphasis with alternate. The points of emphasis are not greatly marked and continuous flow is predominant. Any abrupt motions are out of place in this dance. The points of major emphasis (count 1) are marked by the change of feet and bending of the skating knee. Some of these points coincide with the start of a new lobe and are also emphasized by the change of direction of rotation and lean. The points of minor emphasis (count 4) are marked by turns but are not emphasized otherwise. Thus the turning of the three should be as inconspicuous as possible. While a knee bend is desirable to accentuate count 1, a second knee bend on count 4 is not permitted.

Inventor – unknown
First performance – unknown