Rostelecom Cup Blog 2: Short Dance

coomes-buckland-platov-2Hello Everyone,

It’s my turn to fill you all in about our 1st day of competition in Moscow.

Last night was the dreaded 2nd night after a transatlantic flight. I know that Nick mentioned this in his blog yesterday, but it always seems to be very difficult to get a good night’s sleep on our 2nd night after traveling. Last night, however, Nick and I managed to squeeze in an extra hour this morning, accidentally! Nick and I both overslept, and nearly missed breakfast! Which would have been very unfortunate as the breakfasts at our hotel are rather good. 🙂

We had a practice earlier on in the day. It was nice to skate in the big arena, but it was even better later on with the Russian crowd. Nick and I really enjoyed performing for the Russian audience as they are very interactive. Russia is one of our favourite places to compete because of the support from the fans.

After the competition was over, Nick and I engaged in another competition…trying to get into the bus back to the hotel! There were so many of us trying to squeeze onto a small bus, but after two full buses left, Nick, Evgeny, and I managed to get back to the hotel.

Nick and I are just eating our dinner now. Nick will catch up with you tomorrow after our Free Dance. 🙂

Good night from Moscow,