Walden & Edwards Announce Coaching Change

walden-edwardsLouise Walden & Owen Edwards, the 2011 British champions, announced a coaching change and relocation this week. The team will now be training in Hackensack, N.J., with Galit Chait, John Kerr, and Sinead Kerr as coaches and choreographers. Previously, they were in Lyon, France, working with Muriel Zazoui.

“Louise and I have had an incredible time training in Lyon,” Edwards said in a press release, “but the point in our career has come where it is time for a shake-up and to really refine our craft. So when the offer came to train with the Kerrs in New Jersey, we just knew it was time to take the next step.”

The duo has also announced that they have also left behind this season’s original programs, debuted in an early-season competition in Sheffield, England. With less than a month until their first international competition of the year, Walden & Edwards have begun work on a new set of programs, choreographed by the Kerrs.

“The level of competition the past few years has just been outstanding, and really inspiring,” Walden said. “We really want to skate our very best this season, so when joining a new coaching team in a new country, we decided that it was time for some new routines.”

Walden & Edwards will debut their new short and free dances at the Coupe Internationale de Nice, October 24-28, in Nice, France.

The full press release will be published on the couple’s website (louise-owen.ice-dance.com/ws).