Free Dance

Group A

Jessica Perino / William Avila

    • Wore all black
    • The music starts out with guitar and drums.
    • He had a big leap in the start of the program.  The beginning section of their program was highlighted with two well executed one foot lifts aimed towards the judges.  Their circular footwork section was smooth with several separations for fast twizzles  Their diagonal footwork section also had many quick, well executed side by side twizzles.

Shannon Wingle / Ryan Devereaux

    • She wore a purple dress and he wore black with a purple scorpion on the back.
    • The music was operatic chant style – very powerful
    • The program begins with much passion and great expression. Their first lift is a nice catch foot position with her balancing on his shoulders, which then drops into a rotational split lift
    • Good spin with change of position followed by a forward no-hands lift with the man on one foot.
    • Nice diagonal section in closed position dotted with many complex steps followed by a second no hands rotational lift.

Brianne Oswald / Buck Withrow

    • They wore blue outfits
    • skated to New Day – You Know How I Feel
    • Had a nice lift where he was in a back shoot the duck while she’s in a Biellman position.  Powerful circular footwork section. She tripped towards the end of the circle.
    • It was a bluesy number without much variation in the music.

Vanessa Crone / Paul Poirier

    • He wore a black shirt with a red tie and she wore black.
    • They skated to a cabaret, big-band number.  
    • He put a foot down on his twizzle.  The first lift was a one handed change of direction lift where she was upside down and he was in spread eagle. The lift finished with her flipping off his legs onto the ice.
    • They choose a straight-line footwork section.  It was very curvy with many deep edges.  It took them a long time to get down the ice.
    • Their program was dotted with lots of open holds.  The last section was strong.  He swung her down towards the ice right into a dance spin, lift combination where she lifted both feet off the ice while he was in a sit spin – very strong and unique.
    • Their program finished with a strong serpentine footwork section.

Next warm up Group

Emily Samuelson / Evan Bates

    • She wore a bright pink dress and he was in a sparkly purple shirt
    • There was lots of applause from the audience as they went to take their place.
    • They started strong with great side by side Latin dance moves.  Terrific expression.
    • No-hand change of direction lift.  Very strong change of position dance spin where he was in a sit and she was in Biellman.
    • Very fast tight positions the whole way through their serpentine footwork section. Nice highlight where she rests her foot on his while he is in spread eagle position
    • Third section starts with more side by side dancing and goes right into a straight-line footwork section.  One of the most expressive teams of the event to that point.

Katie Wyble / Chad Reinhold

    • This team had great looking costumes, that look like blue and green flames.
    • They skate to various string/orchestral music the second half of their program is Bond.
    • The program begins with her in a deep back bend.  Then they separate and he does a hydroblade move while she does a long, fast twizzle with her hands over her head.
    • First element is their side by side twizzles.  The twizzles are very fast but they separated a bit on the second one.
    • The dance spin had a fast first position but he set his foot down on the second position.  This went into a solid one-foot hydroblade lift.  Followed by a well-executed change of direction lift where he moved from a spread eagle, then switched directions, and finally went into a forward one foot spiral lift as she pulled into the splits.

Marissa Marschall / Justin Thelen

    • He wore a white shirt and she had on an orange and red dress.
    • They are skating to Fever and Crazy little Thing Called Love
    • In the first lift she did a back bend while he was in a spread eagle.  There was a slight misstep on their serpentine footwork section. 
    • The music changed to crazy little thing called love. They had a second misstep on the diagonal footwork section followed by a nice rotational one-handed lift.
    • Overall the program has nice choreography that showed off the swing feeling well and has excellent potential.

Piper Gilles / Timothy McKernan

    • Her dress was light gold with many sequins.  He wore a burgundy top. 
    • French music with female vocals.
    • They were powerful and expressive from the start.  There was an exciting side by side leap then a fast diagonal footwork sequence that covered the ice quickly followed by a change of direction rotational lift. The lift went right into dance spin.
    • The team had good transitional skating with lots of deep edges and nice upper body expression.
    • Circular footwork section was highlighted with several push-pull one-foot twizzles.
    • Solid one-foot backwards lift that goes into a multi-rotation lift.  He looked very confident on one foot during the lift and even looked into the audience with a great expression.

Hilary Clegg / Simon Gagnon

    • She was wearing a light blue and purple top with a headband, he had on a brown vest. 
    • Skated to the soundtrack from Chocolat.
    • A nice diagonal section skated mostly in hand and hand.  One-foot lift into hydroblade – a bit weak.  Side by side twizzle sequence well executed and will look even better with more practice and time.  Finished the program with a one position, one direction lift – she was in the splits and he was in a spread eagle.  Ended with some nice toe-steps.
    • Overall, their speed and power will improve with more time. The steps and expression fit the music well.

Next warm-up group

Michelle Pennington / Cooper Johnston

    • This team is wearing red with black sparkly layering on the skirt.
    • Music is Carmen
    • Start out with a change of position spin right into a twizzle section, well executed.
    • Very nice hydroblade lift with good speed. He was on one-foot and she was in the splits.  Very intense side-by side dancing during a stop. Skating in many close positions.
    • Great catch-foot lift with him holding on with one hand.  Their straight-line footwork start from a stop.  Nice wraparound lift where she has her in a hair-cutter position.
    • This program has some great highlights.  The team shows expression and can feel the music.  Some of the in-between steps were a bit weak, but all showed great potential.

Pilar Bosley / John Corona

    • This team has shirts covered in green sequins and black mesh – almost disco-like.
    • Skating to Crazy Little Thing Called Love. This version was more upbeat than the previous team’s (Marissa & Justin’s) version.
    • They got a big response from the audience when they took the ice.  They began with excellent side by side toe dancing that set the mood of the routine.
    • Carried their speed well through their serpentine footwork section.  Second section the music slows down, execute a backwards one-foot, catch-leg lift into rotational lift.
    • Fast edgy team, skated in hand and hand for much of the program. Third section starts with straight line footwork then excellent combo spin very fast with about four rotations.
    • Good program, nice expression has much potential and good crowd pleaser.

Blake Rosenthal / Calvin Taylor

    • Wearing white and red outfits with lines of sequins in a broken-glass pattern.
    • The music is almost Indian sounding.
    • Music opens with drums.
    • Start with a unique rotational lift where  her body is far away from his. Side by side hop.
    • Misstep at the end of the diagonal – she was supposed to do a pull-through but they were too far out of position.
    • Good change of direction lift were she was in splits for first position. Serpentine footwork section into finish.

Anna Stanislavska / Michael Whitehead

    • All black with silver sequins.  Long skirt with fringe.
    • Skating to Summertime.
    • Got speed and power very quickly with a few back crossovers. He leaps into the air and they both land facing each other in lunges, into excellent forwards one foot lift.
    • In their spin she was in a camel for second position and he was low with his free foot tucked behind.  Powerful diagonal with slight unison problems on twizzles.
    • Change of direction lift with no hands for her. He’s down in a spread eagle.  Excellent strong looking one-handed rotational lift.  Very strong program, and they carried their speed throughout.  Very fast paced program.

Group B


Stephanie Nieminski / Jonathon Lauten

    • She has a light blue skirt and he wore red
    • Skated to violin music.
    • First lift – rotational, followed by a serpentine footwork section. 
    • They do a single position dance spin where he’s low and she’s in a camel.
    • Very nice lift down the straight-away, he’s low on two feet going forward and she’s resting face down with her upper body on his knees and her feet arched back over her head – well done.  Music changes to Spanish guitar. Change of direction lift into rotational lift.  They stop and begin their diagonal footwork sequence. Overall they had several nice lifts.

Kellene Ratko / Collin Brubaker

    • She has on a white sleeveless dress with black mesh and a wide black belt that sits on her hips.  He has on a form fitting suit with dress shirt and black tie
    • Music starts off with strings, deep vocals and piano. Skate to “Come Together Right Now”.
    • Very nice one foot lift with good speed – he’s going forward with leg extended in front and she’s up high on his chest facing back towards the judges and standing upright – very difficult and well executed.  Classic pairs spin, she’s in a camel and then kicks leg over his head while he’s spinning low – well done.  Rotational lift in which she’s in the splits with one leg over his shoulder, facing each other with his hands around her back. Lift started strong but got out of control towards the end and they both fell to the ice.  Picked up the program and went right into circular footwork section followed by a difficult change of direction lift where she has a catch leg.  The lifts are not only difficult but they are different and fascinating.

Brooke Huber / Karl Edelmann

    • He’s in all black with deep V Latin type shirt and she’s wearing very bright blue/green & yellow skirt with many sequins. Appears to be a Latin number.  Asymmetrical skirt with small fringe on the shot side open back lots of nude material.
    • Starts with him draped over her knee.  Great Latin dancing sets the tone. Looks like a mambo.  Serpentine footwork section contained many twizzles and they stayed mainly in waltz position.  The music changed to a slower rumba sound.  Dance spin – he’s in sit then changes position and she goes into a catch leg.  Change of direction lift – he’s in spread eagle and the goes into rotation, then forward low lift with both facing forward she had catch leg. Music picks back up after a second stop.  They go into their straight line footwork sequence.  It was very curvy with several big deep Choctaws. Finish with rotational lift where she changes positions midair.  Overall nice expression, definitely have the Latin hips down pat.  Nice edges.

Lindsay Cohen / Evan Roberts

    • Yellow costumes, with orange, blue, green and purple highlights. many chiffon ‘flyaways.’
    • Skating to Bond.  I think the song is Winter.
    • He starts on one knee while she lays on his back leg almost touching the ice giving th illusion she is laying on the ice.  Lots of big long extensions with deep edges in the beginning, right into serpentine footwork.  Highlight move where they face away from each other, back to back and do spirals with their legs together and bodies outstretched.  The twizzle section happens right before the music picks up.  Low lift she rests on his knees and stretched out then into split, spread eagle lift.  Straight-line footwork sequence begins with a stop.  Then she starts skating down the rink and the he literally runs after her on his toes very furiously – nice effect.  Several highlights were followed by multi-rotational lift in which she’s off the ice holding onto one of his arms with 2 bent legs.  They do a  backwards one foot lift, very nice ending pose, he goes back onto one knee similar to the opening.  Overall, strong program highlighted by long deep edges with stong extensions,  excellent expression through their steps and body positions  This program will really be something once this team gets more power and practice.

Next warm up group

Amanda Loyd / Ashley Deavers

    • black and bright pink costumes. 
    • Swing Music
    • Start with side by side dancing to set the tone. Then begin moving down the ice with ‘swing style’ walk-arounds.  They go straight into their serpentine footwork section, lots of change of positions.  Change of direction rotational lift, he is holding on with only one hand.  Then they do a pull through followed by a stop into their slow section.  They enter their dance spin separated with back crossovers facing each other.  It is very fast, he’s in a sit with his leg wrapped around hers. When they switch position she goes to camel position. Diagonal starts the final fast section. It has many Choctaws, twizzles and rockers.  Program finishes with her in the splits on the ice.  Overall, very fun program with interesting positions, they have great expression, and a nice spin.

Andrea Chong / Spencer Barnes

    • They are wearing mostly black with yellow flowers, her dress has vertical corset-like yellow stripes and a layered skirt.
    • interesting French music, almost carousel like at times.  Female vocals saying something like “baba salude”
    • Start back to back rocking forward and backwards against each other. Goes right into quick one handed rotational loft, then twizzles with hands behind back – well done.  Nice serpentine section, deep edges.  Forward lift where he has two feet on the ice in low squat with her leg through his leg and she arches her back and looks up to audience. They have a cool section where he grabs her leg through his leg (she’s almost in a sit spin or shoot the duck position) and she whips down towards the ice with a pendulum action similar to that of a pull-through.  They are in hand and hand for their spin setup and they do matching brackets before entering the spin – excellent touch.  Spin is a catch camel spin, second position only 2 revolutions.  Lift where she has is not holding on with any hands and he’s in spread eagle.  Overall nice program.

Aanya Reiten / Duke Wensel

    • She’s in blue and he’s in black.
    • big band swing music – skating to black magic, and crazy little thing called love
    • Twizzles section in beginning of program, he catches an edge and puts a foot down. Change of position dance spin.  Spread eagle split lift.  Pleasant highlight on end pattern where he does a spiral and she leans over is back and stretches her leg up.  Serpentine footwork section followed by low lift with her draped away going forward.  The music switches back to swing.  Diagonal footwork section with some nice twizzles, and cool tow runs. Rotational lift where she grabs leg.

Lisa Johnson / Joseph Scott

    • This next team has folk costumes of sorts, he has a light shirt and she has a burgundy dress with lace over cream colored lining.
    • Music is Irish opens with Irish fiddle, and they do some side by side Irish jig dancing. she has a great smile and is really playing to the audience.  Pleasant one handed pull-through into what I think was a circular footwork section.  Twizzle section well matched – second twizzle done with arms behind back, followed by a hydroblade catch leg lift.  Very open skating positions.  Great change of direction lift, where he is in a spread eagle and she is face up balanced on his left (forward) leg and he is holding onto her ankles (which are crossed) with his left hand and she is leaning out, counterbalancing against his hand.  Straight-line footwork sequence has very fast twizzles and they finish with one hand lift  where she is leaned over grabbing her leg, has a nice folk, or barn-dance feel that fits the music well.  Overall well skated, it’s a different program that no one else is doing, they had nice lifts, and good footwork, excellent expression.

Next warm up.

Madison Hubbell / Keiffer Hubbell

    • Are wearing blue airbrushed tops with orange and light blue.
    • skating to Italian techno opera piece
    • Very nice introduction. He starts in a spiral and spins while she drapes over him and they wrap around each other creating shapes with their bodies.  Very nice hand holds, many holds behind the back – few open hand-and-hand positions.  Serpentine footwork section characterized by tight positions, many twizzles and rockers that were big and sweeping.  Low catch lift where the man is forward with his leg around hers.  This goes into a back spiral lift.  Spin is interesting first position where they are both in sit spins and hold onto each others legs which are crossed over each other.  Straight-line footwork with many synchronized twizzles.  Nice lift, change of direction where he stays in spread eagle.  Terrific hydroblade lift into ending.  He’s very low to the ice in the hydroblade with his body rotated towards the ceiling while she is in a spread eagle position leaning all the way over him with her full body weight on him.  I don’t think it’s considered a lift, just a highlight (or in this case, a lowlight).
    • Overall the great unison and strength.  They have great close and closed skating positions, nice interesting lifts, and interesting spins.

Alexandra Nadeau / Charles-Edouard Bouthillette

    • She has on a white dress with a triangular open back and long white gloves.  He has on fake animal fur draped over his shoulder and what look like a knife holder on his right leg, all dark brown. Her skirt looks like icicles.
    • Very triumphant music
    • They open the program with a behind the back neck drape.  Followed with a neck roll around each other and a lift.  Have an excellent lift where she holds onto his leg and flips upside down while he is in a squat and going fwd, then she flips onto his shoulder and links her legs around him and he proceeds to spin very, very fast with much force.  Circular footwork contains two sets of synchronized twizzles with each partner twizzling in opposite directions – nice touch.  Then the music slows down, good combo spin with him in a sit while she’s in a Biellman.  Next lift low across the diagonal she’s stretched out.  Good serpentine section – the one foot section is strong, she took a fall – tripped on a turn, but made a quick recovery.  She finished in spiral with leg on his shoulder and he’s on one knee.  Ultimately they pull off this genre of triumphant heroic music well.

Rachel Siegel / Kevin Miller

    • Deep bright purple costumes, with slashes down the front and chiffon ‘flyaways’ on the sleeves.
    • Skating to Moulan Rouge.
    • Low lift with the man in a forward two food squat and she’s resting on his knees with her body facing the ice and arching her back up.  Lots of hand and hand skating.  Very fast circular footwork section followed by more hand and hand transitions.  Music speeds up and they go into a no handed lift with her leg kicked over his head.  Then into an upside-down forward one foot lift to a catch leg spin. Tripped into entrance of spin but they recovered.  Diagonal footwork sequence has deep long edges, and side by side twizzles. Powerful expression, well matched to the music.

Clare Farrell / Chase Fishpaw

    • Purple outfits.  She has neat dress with chiffon and sequins. Torn looking layered skirt.  Her dress has a big open back.
    • Side by side twizzle he missteps.  Have an interesting move where she kicks her leg over their hands while he’s in a lunge and then, with her leg over their hands, does a turn.  Straight-line footwork section has deep edges and is very twirlly.  Change of direction lift, spread eagle, into catch leg around his back.  Circular footwork in closed hold.  Low lift with her leg wrapped around his going backward with one hand holding her leg.