Short Dance

Shannon Wingle & Tim McKernan (“Masquerade Waltz”) she is in light blue and he in white.  Start right off  with the Golden Waltz pattern.  A bit scratchy but a nice big pattern including some nice extensions and edges.  One foot twizzles-he struggled to complete first twizzle.  One foot curve lift with her in lean-away position.  Side-by-side footwork lost a little speed towards the end but in unison.  Overall, program was strongly skated for this point in the season.

Lauren Corry & Alex Lorello (“Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica and “Telephone” by Lady Gaga) she is in red and he in black.  Open with twizzles-he struggled on the second one with the catch foot.  Golden Waltz pattern had a few bobbles.  Midline steps a bit slow, but included some good character.  Lost unison at the end.  Straight line lift with change of position.  Overall the program was a lot of fun and definitely a break from traditional skating music.

Kristen Nardozzi & Robert Cuthbertson (“Fallin’” by Alicia Keys) both skaters in teal/light blue. Rotational lift has a lot of speed.  Golden Waltz pattern lost timing in the beginning and they struggled to get back on time.  Twizzles nicely in unison, with skaters on opposite feet going opposite directions.  Midline steps lost a little bit of unison but featured nice lobes.  Program has a lot of potential to grow.

Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Giulleti-Schmitt (“The Trouble With Love Is” by Kelly Clarkson) she in red and he in black.  Open with a nicely executed straightline lift with change of position.  Twizzles nice and fast.  Golden Waltz pattern maintained speed, but looked a little forced towards the end of the pattern.  Midline steps nicely skated with deep edges and extensions.  Rotational lift at the very end.  Overall program was strong.

Meredith Zuber & Kyle Herring (“Fallin’” by Alicia Keys to Tango) she in all black and he in grey.  Curve lift with she in upright split.  Golden Waltz pattern strong, but lost time at the end.  Twizzles done in unison.  Midline steps a bit flat.  Rotational lift to end.  Overall program was solidly skated.

Isabella Cannuscio & Ian Lorello (“Piano Man” by Billy Joel) she in orange and he in black.  Twizzles quick and in unison.  Midline steps skated close together and in unison.  Golden Waltz a bit shaky in the middle.  Rotational lift with change of position- she hits some pretty positions balancing on his shoulder.  Overall program looked new but carried nice flow.  Should be much stronger by the time their Grand Prix assignment rolls around.

Natalie Feign & Evgeny Kresniak (“What’s New Pussycat?” by Tom Jones to Tango) she in pink and he in white.  Open with their Golden Waltz pattern—big movements but skated slower.  Twizzles a little sloppy.  Midline steps featured nice leg lines.  Put down on their straightline lift—she had trouble with the change of positions.  Fun rotational lift at the end.  Program looks very new and tentative.

Madison Chock & Greg Zuerlein (“Milord and Padam, Padam” by Edith Pilaf)  They weren’t originally supposed to compete in this event but entered at the last minute, therefore, they were in practice clothes.  Midline steps nice and tight with great edging.   Twizzles done in unison but a little out of control.  Golden Waltz skated with good technique.  Rotational lift with her changing position was fast.   Nice flow and character throughout.  Program is really new but shows great potential.

Kate Zeigler & Baxter Burbank (“Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley) she in white and pink and he in white tunic.  Midline steps skated well with great unison and deep lobes.  Twizzles covered a lot of ice, but a little shaky.  Golden Waltz pattern a little shaky on some parts.  One-arm rotational lift carrieda lot of flow and covered a lot of ice.  Program has potential to turn into a really beautiful piece.

Tarrah Harvey & Keith Gagnon (Tango to “Danse Macabre”) both skaters in red and black.  Strong midline steps with great character.  Change of position straightline lift had nice speed going in and coming out.  Golden Waltz was sharp, but lost some speed towards the end.  Twizzles a little out of unison, but covered a lot of ice.  Overall program was strong and sharp.

Free Dance

Alison Carey & Ryan Van Natten:
She in maroon and gold and he in black. Skating to dramatic classical music. One foot twizzles with feature on first twizzle. Circular footwork — nice edges, just a bit tentative. One-foot lift with her in Biellmann and him on one foot. Straightline footwork sequence also tentative. Spin with her in Biellmann position. Combo lift featuring her in a split and then into a one-armed lift. Program seems very new. Overall skated cautiously but featuring some nice lines.

Natalie Feigin & Ievgenni Krasniak:
Black and white costumes. French music. One-foot lift with her standing on his chest — a bit shaky but impressive. Circular footwork carefully executed. Combo spin her in Biellmann into split into layback. Diagonal footwork carried nice flow. Twizzles featuring catch foot position on first foot. Unique curve lift with Natalie leaning away. Trouble at the end of the program with the last two lifts. Simpler transitions. Overall the team covered the ice well with some small breaks in flow.

Meredith Zuber & Kyle Herring:
She in black and pink and he in black and gold. Skating to Moulin Rouge tango. One-arm rotational lift with her in upright position. Difficult entry into straightline lift with her in layback position balancing on his boot and him in lunge position. Circular step nicely skated with a few missteps. Combo spin nicely executed maintaining speed. Curve lift with her in split and him in spread eagle. Diagonal step losing a little speed towards the end. Rotational lift with her in Biellmann. Overall nice sharp movements to the music and nice ice coverage.

Isabella Cannuscio & Ian Lorello:
She in black and cherry and he in grey and black, skating to West Side Story. Opening with combo spin, change of foot and direction maintaining nice speed. Combo lift with him in spread eagle and her in upright Biellmann into change of position rotational. Nice fast twizzles. Circular step with nice edges. One-arm rotational lift. Diagonal step carrying nice flow with deep edges. Change of position curve lift. Overall really high energy and great character representation from both skaters. Really nice connection throughout the program.

Kristen Nardozzi & Robert Cuthbertson:
Skating to a Beatles medley featuring “Imagine” by the cast of Glee. Combo lift-straightline into curve. Circular step losing flow towards the end. Rotational lift with her in cannonball position. Twizzle sequence a bit shaky with skaters going in opposite directions. Combo spin changing foot and direction. Diagonal step losing speed towards the end. Nice balance curve lift. Overall the team flowed nicely across the ice and the program has potential to improve over the course of the season. 47.57

Madison Chock & Greg Zuerlein:
She in bright day-glo orange and he in all black. Opening with combo spin — great flow and maintained speed. Combo lift/curve lift with him on one foot and her in upside down position with no arms into change of position rotational. Circular step nice flow and deep edges. Straightline lift with her in upright split and him in spread eagle. Quick twizzles in unison. Diagonal step also carrying nice flow and deep edges. Straightline lift including difficult entry by her, change of position. Overall nice energy and maturity from both skaters. Program seems new but a great first showing for such an early time in the season. 72.14

Katherine Zeigler & Baxter Burbank:
She in lavender and he in cream with black suspenders. Skating to “Ladies in Lavender.” One foot twizzles covering a lot of ice with a lot of flow. Curve lift with him on one foot and her in Biellmann. Circular step skated quietly with nice edges. Combo lift losing a little speed towards the end but nice positions. Diagonal step featuring nice edges and flow. Combo spin maintained nice speed. One-arm rotational lift also covering a lot of ice. Overall the team had nice flow and musicality. Program has a lot of room to grow. 58.0

Tarrah Harvey & Keith Gagnon:
Skating to French-themed music. Starting with nice flow and transitions. Circular step maintained speed with deep edges. Balance straightline lift. Covered about half the ice with their twizzles in pretty good unison. Change of position rotational lift. Straightline lift with him in spread eagle and her in layback position. Showing good character throughout the program. Diagonal step carrying nice flow. Difficult entry into change of position curve lift. One foot combo spin nicely centered. Unique lift where she lifted him. Overall the characters were nicely developed and there were a lot of nicely choreographed elements and transitions. 71.96

Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Giulietti-Schmitt:
Both skaters in blue-green costumes. Starting off with sharp movements. A freak fall in the beginning on a non-element. Skating fast into a really unique balance lift — he on one foot and she in a Biellmann. Twizzles in perfect unison. Combo lift featuring a nice rotational change of position as the second part. Circular step featuring nice edges. Curve lift with her upside down and him in a spread eagle. Combo spin nicely centered and maintaining flow. Straightline step losing a bit of flow towards the end. Program has great potential and they made a nice comeback after the fall in the very beginning of the program. Great lines and extensions. 70.40

Shannon Wingle & Tim McKernan:
She in purple and he in all black. Skating to bluesy version of “Summertime.” Nice speed into first lift — straightline — he on one foot while she balances upside down. Straightline lift, he in spread eagle and she in Biellmann. Circular step nicely expressed to the music. Twizzles had slow entry — hard to maintain speed. Combo spin-Biellmann  to haircutter. Diagonal step featuring deep edges. Straightline lift with him in crouched position and she in upright split. Overall program had nice musicality and expression.

Kassy Kova & Justin Ross:
Gypsy/Egyptian inspired costumes. Twizzles a bit shaky but covering a lot of ice. Nice fast rotational lift. Combo spin change of foot and position losing a bit of speed. He falls on a non element. Curve lift, he in spread eagle and she in upright layback position. Diagonal step has good expression to the music but loses speed towards the end. Straightline lift with him on one foot and she in upright Biellmann. Diagonal step slow. Program has potential and a lot of room to grow throughout the season.

Elizabeth Chan & Jason Deveikis:
She in blue and he in white. Skating to opera. Circular step — both skaters fall in the very beginning. Straightline lift a bit shaky. Combo lift/straightline balance lift. Fall from him on the first twizzle and didn’t complete the second part. Rotational lift was aborted. Diagonal step nicely completed. Combo spin slowly skated. Team and program will improve as season progresses.