Another week, another competition! Just last week we were in Nice, France with 22° C (about 72° F) and such wonderful weather. Competition was going really smooth and now we are in Dortmund, Germany for the NRW Trophy.

The trip was quite long: plane from Milano, Italy to Dusseldorf, Germany, then a bus, and finally we arrived at the rink.

We had just the time for eating something and saying hello to all our friends here, and then we had to get ready for practice! Just 50 minutes but really intense! We went through both our programs with our coach standing at the barrier.

After that, accreditation. You can realize that we are in Germany because here they do things like perfect! Everything is set already and everybody knows what to do and what to answer! I like it!
Tanja’s parents arrived around 4.30 p.m. from Berlin and then we went finally to our hotel. It’s 3 km far from the ice rink but is really cute! We had time for rest and dinner all together.

Now it’s time to sleep. Tomorrow we have free dance practice at 2.30 p.m.


Malpensa-002  Malpensa-007


About Skate Canada: we wanted to say that we really enjoyed watching both SD and FD, and we were really happy about Kaitlyn and Andrew. They rock this year!

Best wishes also to all our friends competing this week in China and in Graz!!!

Stefano Caruso