Hi everybody,

Today we are very happy because it was the first time since we are skating together that we won an international competition.

It´s Sunday and actually at Sundays you normally just want to lie in bed and sleep and relax, but we had to pull ourselves together and skate a good competition.

The practice at 9:30 was in the practice rink, which is really cold, but practice was really good and we gave a lot power. It was fun and we were convinced and happy to show a wonderful program choreographed and worked by our amazing coach Barbara Fusar-Poli.

After the practice we relaxed a bit and made ourselves ready for the competition.


Marco and Charlene, our training mates, skate before us, and we were still very sorry for them, for the place they had gotten in the short dance. They skated the free dance very well, and our coach, Barbara, was really sad that they did so well and still would not get the place they should (because of their placement in the SD).

11nrw-kolbecarusofpoliguignardfabbriAnyway, then we skated and we were feeling ourselves full of energy. We skated for the public, which was a wonderful supporter for everybody in this competition, for our parents and friends, and of course for our coach, Barbara.

Everything was really good, just in one lift Stefano fell because we were not going into it together. While we were still skating, he was sorry and disappointed and said something like, “I’m so stupid.” After that we tried even more to give expression and more energy. We finished the rest of the program very good, and I’m anyways proud of my partner Stefano and us. It was a really good competition and in the end — big surprise — we could celebrate also with our training mates because they got in the end the second place. We are really, really happy for them!

We want to thank a lot our great coach Barbara, who has a lot of nerves with us and is always strong for us, also the German Federation that gave us the opportunity to represent this country and our families!

Stefano would like to add something:
I want to share our first victory with an Italian guy named Marco Simoncelli. He was a great champion in the motorcycle world. He was a great person and unfortunately he died while he was racing and doing what he loved the most. From this person everybody should understand how wonderful life is.

Thanks everybody for following our blog.

Maybe until the next competition 🙂 Bye from Tanja and Stefano