Sorry there wasn’t an update last night. I kind of slept 80% of the day. But I promise today’s blog will be different. I swear to give you the whole package. I swear to talk of shoes, and ships, and ceiling wax, and of cabbages and kings!

So the only day light to grace my fair skin yesterday was the bus ride to and from the rink. Our practice wasn’t until 1:30, but that didn’t stop me from sleeping until 12. Afterwards, we made or way straight back to the hotel. I slept some more and then headed down to dinner.

Massimo’s Mama decided to come visit while we’re here. She speaks absolutely no English and that would be fine, but sometimes Mama Scali will say something to me and I’ll wait for Massi to translate and I just sit there waiting for nothing.

This morning was our first wake up early day. I mean, I woke up at the time I normally do everyday. I have to say, even if it’s more work for a half hour practice in the morning before competition, I really like it. Having that time and getting your music play just makes me feel so much more comfortable in my own skin on the ice.

After practice, we zoomed back to the hotel for our second breakfast (the first just being a light nibble) and completely stuffed our faces. I’m pretty sure the buffet ladyies don’t like me because they lose a lot of money and food every time I enter the dinning hall (even when I don’t intend on eating).

After breakfast, I had a whole ten minutes to myself to do nothing!!! Can you believe it? Ten minutes all to myself to with as I wish (except for maybe theft or arson). As soon as the cherished moments left, I got my things together and left.

The 5 minute warm up was probably the most comfortable I’ve ever been on a warm up.  Everything felt grounded and calm. We’re obviously ecstatic about our placement. Especially since it wasn’t our greatest skate. It just tells us how much more we’re capable of. Greatest by wonderful text from Angelika was icing on the cake. It’s always the best that you make your coaches proud. But of course it had to end on the serious note of “don’t mess up freedance twizzle.”

We had our little North America party on the way back. U.S. And Canada sat together on the bus and at lunch. It was tons of fun getting to hang out with them.

Afterwards, Holly and I planned to go watch the pairs. However, I realized at the last second that if we did as planned we’d miss Katie and Nikita. Holly still wasn’t ready so I took off to cheer on our fellow DSC skaters. As soon as I got on the bus, I spotted Tyler and sat next to her. Of course I had to ask “Is your birthday tomorrow or Saturday?” To which she could easily answered “yes” and left me confused, but she was nice enough to point out it was Friday.

I would keep telling you about adventures throughout Tallinn but in all honesty Max and I have just been sitting in our room being weird and watching movies.

~ Daniel