Hey everyone! Here is how my day went today.

I missed breakfast because I slept in too late, so instead teammate Andrew Meng and I went through the park and into town in search of something to eat or drink.  We came across this little coffee stand, so we drank some coffee and hot chocolate and walked around a little.  We saw the beautiful water fountain in the park. We took some pictures and headed back to the hotel.  

When we got back we ate lunch and then it was time to get ready for our practice.  After I got ready we went to the rink for practice at 2:40.  Practice was good, so I was happy! We did a cool down and went back to the hotel to rest.  Later, we went down to eat dinner and several of our friends on Team Canada showed up. 

After playing card games and getting to know each other better, I went upstairs to get ready for bed. We have early practice tomorrow and we compete our short dance a little later. We have plans to go to town after our short dance because we are finished early tomorrow.  I will tell you how all of that goes tomorrow!

Bye for now!!