Payten0441Hi everyone!  Here is how my day went today.

First, I got up really early and got ready for practice. Then, I went downstairs, ate some breakfast and got on the bus to go to the rink. It was a lot colder than it had been for the past few days.  We were all complaining about how cold we were.

Practice went well and we were really feeling ready to compete our short dance.  We didn’t have enough time to go back to the hotel, so we just stayed there and watched until it was time to compete. We skated pretty well and got 54.15 and we were really happy because it is a new personal best and that put us in sixth place. 

After we were done competing, we watched the rest of the event and headed back to the hotel.  Andrew Meng and I went to old town to finally look around and shop a little.  We saw a lot of great stuff and I got to take lots of pictures.  We got some ice cream and it was so good!  My legs were really tired, so it was finally time to leave.  I took a nap when we got back to the hotel and then we went to dinner with a bunch of the skaters. 

Now it is time to go to bed, because we have another practice in the morning and then free dance tomorrow afternoon. 

Good night everyone!! Talk to you again soon!