JGPRiga-2904Sveiki!!!  (Hi!)

Feel great this morning! That long night of sleep after being up for 30 hours did some magic.  Had a nice breakfast with Anthony and left for our first practice.  The rink’s name is the VOLVO SPORTA CENTRS, it takes about 10 minutes to get there from our hotel.  

As we were having a look at the rink located on the right side, Fabian looked at it and said, “Oh, that must be the practice rink” with his french accent.  Someone else said, ” No, this is the competition rink!!”  I was a little disappointed.  I love huge rink.  Then, I started wondering how small will the practice rink be?

First thing on the schedule today is the draw. I must say Anthony is getting really good at it! We are skating in the second group, #9, which is the same group as our french team mates and both Russian teams.

Our first practice was in the practice rink, so my question about how small it must be was about to be answered.  I think it might be a curling rink.  It’s so small and COLD.  Seriously, it’s quite an experience to skate and feel your brain freezing, never mind your hands and your feet. I can only think about the judges and coaches standing at the boards.  At least we’re warming up skating. Trying to fit our short program in there was a challenge too! We are happy with the way we skated and headed back to the hotel to unfreeze our body parts, have lunch and a little rest before the second practice.

I wonder what’s going on with Anthony.  Since we arrived here, he didn’t lose or forget anything.  He has his bow tie, pants, skates, room key, etc.

Second practice of the day, free Dance practice in the main rink. It’s a little warmer, but it is not that big and we still struggled a little to make the pattern fit. We were first with music rotation and skated with energy and strength. It was fun, we love that program!

So our day was done. We stayed at the rink with Angelique (Abachkina) and Louis (Thauron) to watch the last practice group then went for dinner at the hotel. Tomorrow’s practice is at 3 pm in practice rink.  Hopefully, we will have the chance to go for a short walk in the old city I’ve heard it’s really nice.


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Good night and see you tomorrow!
ar labu nakti un redzēt jūs rīt