Chloe-3564Team USA’s Chloe Lewis is blogging this week from the Junior Grand Prix in Logroño, Spain. 

Hi, It’s Chloe again, writing from Logroño, Spain!

I am currently tucked in bed happily next to my roomie Elliana (Pogrebinsky). We had a long journey here, and I’m so relieved to be in our cozy room.

There’s not too much to report on other than our travels. We left Detroit last night at 10 and flew through the night which was great because we all got to sleep and feel rested. I have to say that the most eventful part of the flight was watching “Aloha” with one of my favorite actresses Emma Stone. It’s a great movie if you haven’t seen it yet 🙂

After landing in Amsterdam, Logan, Ellie, Alex, Adrienne, Judy, our parents, and I were reunited with our friends from GBR, and Nathan (Chen). Other than checking out some clogs and dutch tulips during our layover, we had one more flight and a bus ride into Logroño! The bus ride was really beautiful, as we were driving through the wine country. It’s awesome that Logroño is a little city in the middle of such a flat land full of vineyards! I am so excited to explore the city all of tomorrow morning and share what we see!


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Goodnight from España 🙂