Today was terrific —- if we were writing about a perfect day, we couldn’t have scripted it any better!

The weather was flawless, with a cloudless sky, a warm autumn sun and a light breeze.  Parasailers dotted the sky around Nebelhorn, taking advantage of the ideal wind conditions.  We got to the rink relatively early for our morning short dance practice, which went well.  After a great breakfast back at the hotel, we tried to nap, but were serenaded by a musician playing his accordion and trumpet across the street.  The music wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t really appreciated, given our desire to sleep!

The short dance event started at 2pm and we were pleased with the enthusiasm of the crowd.  The Eissportzentrum has hosted its fair share of elite international events, and the spectators seem to be very knowledgeable about skating.  Our Elvis Presley-themed short dance of blues with rock and roll/swing is a really fun program.  It tells the story of sassy teenybopper and her fangirling over the King, while he insists that he’s nothing but “Trouble.”  We skated the program with a lot of energy, thanks in part to the amended training regimen that Igor has implemented since Champs Camps, and we kept the TES strong, earning level 4 on our Midnight Blues, twizzles and lift.  We were ecstatic with our performance and our new PB score!

The entire event was great, with strong performances from all the skaters and new personal bests for a number of teams.  The audience appreciated the wide variety of program concepts, and supported all of the teams.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Alex had planned out his ice cream purchases for today, sampling flavors from several different vendors.  Top flavors included crème brulee and butterkek (decadent cake batter with chocolate cookies in it).  We had a nice Italian dinner with some other dancers before heading back to the rink to cheer on the Team USA men.  As we were assembling our thoughts for this blog, it occurred to us that other than the skating today, the rest of our time revolved around food.  This is a fairly unusual circumstance for us and it is testament to how wonderful the culinary offerings are here in Oberstdorf. 

We know that this blog is supposed to be cow-themed, but since we did not see a single cow today, we will leave you with these tidbits to chew on.  The average cow eats 100 lbs. of feed per day and they have such a strong sense of smell, that they can smell something six miles away!  Are you wondering what the connection is to us?  Well, it seems that Alex is doing his best to eat 100 lbs. of food each day we’re here, and Ellie can smell an awesome Free Dance event tomorrow!

Thank you for reading and check back tomorrow.

Gute nacht

Ellie & Alex