Good morning!

It’s short dance day. We were feeling very ready and prepared, and it was a beautiful day. We had practice at 7:45 so we grabbed a quick breakfast and headed over. Practice went really well and we are super pumped for the competition! We had a few hours to eat and rest at the hotel before we go back to the arena.

We went back to the rink, got a good off ice warmup in, and had a great five minute warm up. We felt in our feet and confident, ready to show what we knew we could.  Sadly, the performance didn’t do that. We were very frustrated with the way we skated.  We were really shooting for second place especially because our score at lake placid was enough to get us there and we know we have improved since then. So yes, it was a very disappointing skate, and we were disappointed in ourselves. However, we really tried to just put that in the past and focus on fighting in the free dance tomorrow. I promise you we will give it EVERYTHING!

After I went back to the hotel, decompressed, and changed, I met my mom to go to downtown Ostrava. It’s super cute, and we want to go back when we have more time to explore. Megan competed and skated really well. I went back to the hotel where Logan and a bunch of the others were hanging out together. I got some rest, then went to watch the pairs. They were all great! I couldn’t stay to watch Chelsea and Brian sadly though because I needed to get back and rest for tomorrow. I’m sure they were amazing though.

That’s pretty much it for today, I am now in my room getting prepped for tomorrow- see you soon!

~ Chloe