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By my count, seven of the 13 junior dance couples who competed at the 2019 U.S. National Championships will not be competing together in the upcoming season. Is that much “turnover” typical or not so typical for U.S. ice dance?  
While it is normal for a number of partnerships to end each season, it isn’t necessarily common to see this volume of team splits at the same level in a single season. Partnerships end for a variety of reasons, including differing future on and off ice goals or the team no longer being a good physical match due to one or both’s growth spurts. Due to age, it also is common for skaters at the junior level to contemplate moving on from the sport due to college plans or other interests. 

After the 2010-11 season, three high-profile senior teams stopped skating together.  Madison Chock & Greg Zuerlein, the 2009 World Junior Champions, stopped skating together when Zuerlein decided to retire from the sport.  Both Emily Samuelson & Evan Bates and siblings Madison Hubbell & Keiffer Hubbell also ended decade-long partnerships.  Starting in 2011, Chock teamed with Bates, while Madison Hubbell partnered with Zachary Donohue.  Both partnerships are still going strong today.

I love the photos that you take and want to use them on my website or blog.  Can I use them so long as I give you credit?
Thank you for the compliment!  The answer is yes, BUT only with the appropriate written permission from both the photographer and IDC.  The gallery photographs, as well as those that are included in our articles, are copyrighted to the respective photographers.  Use on any other websites, including professional or personal blogs/Tumblrs, in magazines and newspapers (both online and paper format) or promotional materials for shows or events, is prohibited without permission from the photographer and IDC. For more information, including how to submit a photo use request, please visit our Photo Use Policy page.

I want to learn more about ice dance steps.  Is there a video resource available?
Recently, Youtube user Kaley Q. created a 20-minute video titled ‘Figure Skating Steps and Turns Complete Guide‘ that includes descriptions and video references for difficult steps and turns for ice dance, such as rocker, counter, bracket, choctaw, twizzle and outside mohawk.  The video also includes steps for singles and pairs.  Thought I’ve only watched it through once, I think it’s a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about what they are watching.  A text and clip version is available on her Tumblr.

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