int-maxcoulterCharlotte Maxwell and Brad Coulter are Intermediate ice dancers who won the silver medal at the 2004 US Junior National Championships. They train in Plano, Texas, with coaches Warren and Olivia Maxwell.

How did you started skating together?
Charlotte: “Brad moved up from Houston, we had a tryout and our coaches liked us together and thought we made a good match. We had a lot of things in common and became good friends in addition to dancing with each other.

Brad: Last summer (2002) I moved to Dallas to train with Warren and Olivia Maxwell. When they put a tryout together for me to try out with Charlotte Maxwell (no relation to Warren and Olivia). We started competing last season and finished 4th at Juvenile.

When did you start skating, and how long have you been ice dancing?
Charlotte: I started skating when I was 3. I’ve been ice dancing for 2 years.

Brad: I started skating at 8 years old and have been dancing since I was 10.

Who are your coaches? Moving up from Juvenile, how did you change your training to compete at the intermediate level?
Charlotte: Warren and Olivia Maxwell. We did more run-throughs, more basics, i.e., stroking, progressives, etc, making free dance harder – more mentally prepared.

Brad: We started skating longer and harder hours since our move up to intermediate.

What were your goals heading to Junior Nationals?
Charlotte:To skate our best and hopefully win.

Brad:Our goal for JN’s was to skate the best we could, hopefully winning a gold medal.

Tell us how you feel about winning the silver medal in your first intermediate season.
Charlotte: Very excited – the whole competition was a wonderful experience.

Brad: We were both really exicted about receiving 2nd this year, and can’t wait until the next season.

How did you feel about your performances?
Charlotte: I thought we skated the best we ever had in the initial round even after the fall in the warm-up. I thought our compulsories were good as well but I thought the free dance in the final round could have been better. Overall I’m extremely pleased with our performances.

Brad: I think we skated the best we could and I think we also competed the best we ever have.

Will you skate in intermediate next season or move up to Novice?
Charlotte and Brad:
We are moving up to Novice.

Which compulsory dance is your favorite?
Charlotte and Brad:The European Waltz is definitely our favorite.

Is there a song you enjoy that you would like to skate to?
Charlotte and Brad:
We would like to skate to hip hop music because it is upbeat and makes you want to dance.

Which skaters or dancers do you look up to?
Charlotte: Peter and Naomi and Tanith and Ben.

Brad: I look up to Naomi Lang and Peter T. because they work hard and they compete really we