IDC is highlighting some of the new partnerships that are debuting in the 2019-20 competitive season. Sara Buch-Weeke & Nicolas Woodcock, who represent Denmark, are the next team we are featuring in this season’s series. 

Sara Buch-Weeke & Nicolas WoodcockTell us about your individual skating journeys.
SBW: I started when I was 12 with free skatie. I wanted to improve my skating skills, so I began competing in solo dance in 2016. Later on in 2017, I started my ice dance career. I moved from Denmark to Canada to skate at the Mariposa International Training Center in March of 2019.

NW: I started skating when I was 3 years old as my mom and dad were both figure skaters themselves. I first competed in free skate when I was 7 years old and had my first ice dance partner when I was 12 years old. I first started training for competitive ice dance in 2015 at the Mariposa International Training Center with coaches David Islam and Kelly Johnson. This year will be my fourth season of competitive ice dance and my first season in junior.

How did your partnership start?
Originally, we found each other on ice partner search in early February of 2019 and had a tryout just a few weeks later. After about 3 more weeks, Sara moved here as we had decided to skate together and train in Barrie, Canada at the Mariposa School of Skating.

What do you like most about skating with your partner?
SBW: We have a lot of fun on the ice. He makes me laugh, but we can also be serious together. He is like a brother to me.  We have the same goals and both work as hard as we can to achieve our goals.

NW: The things I like most about skating for my partner is how well we get along together and how much of a hard worker she is. We are always pushing each other to become stronger and better. 

If you could have a lesson from any ice dancer past/present, who would it be?
SBW: I admire Laurence [Fournier] Beaudry and Nikolaj Sørensen most since they come from a similar background as me since Nikolaj Sørensen is also Danish and he competed with a Canadian woman. For me, they showed me that even though i’m from a small country for skating you can achieve your dreams and compete on the international stage. Also, because I have been so lucky to get coached by them, and I think they were amazing.

NW: I am most inspired by Alexandra Paul and Mitchell Islam. Not only have they been coaching me over the past year or so, but they have also given me someone to look up to and see what I could achieve.

Can you give us some background on your programs this season?
Our rhythm dance starts off with a sweet romantic piece and ends off with an energetic fun piece of music. Our free is by a known band and the music and starts off fun and light and transitions to a love story. We are really enjoying our programs and are looking forward to performing them this season.

Is there anything you would like our readers to know about you as a team?
This season although we will be competing for Denmark, we will be training in Canada at Mariposa. We are working hard and having fun skating together. Follow us on Instagram @sara_and_nicolas and on Facebook at @sara.and.nicolas.

Fun fact: There is exactly 1 year and 1 day between our birthdays. Nicolas was born on May 1, 2001 and Sara’s birthday is May 2, 2002.