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JGP Courchevel: Short Dance Day

Holly blog 2 photo 1Team USA is off to a great start! Ashley, Vanessa, Harrison, and Jason all skated amazing! Without a doubt, it was a great start to the season for all of them, and they surely made the US proud. 🙂 This morning was quite exciting. I rolled over in bed to check and see what time it was, and it was 5:18! We were supposed to catch a 5:30 bus to our 6:45 (ugh, early, I know) practice! Racing around a dark room trying to be as quiet as possible proved to be quite a challenge (I didn’t want to wake Ashley!). By some miracle, I made it out to the bus, just in the nick of time! Way too much excitement for far too early in the morning. 😉

We had a great practice (albeit quite early), and we are getting sooo excited for the short dance later!!

Now we have some time to relax back at the hotel for a while, so I decided now might be a good time to get a start on that summer reading for school (ugh). However, I am soo excited to compete that I can barely focus! Darn, I guess the reading may just have to wait. 😉


Holly blog 2 photo 2Good morning sunshine!!!! Well, actually it’s really dark outside… Anyway, time for practice. It’s still like 5 in the morning here. Short dance later around three. LEHGO!!!!


Daniel is currently upstairs transforming into Danny Zuko for our short dance. We are so excited to make our international debut, and we are feeling great!

Time to go start curling my hair. Goodbye Holly, hello Sandy. 😉 #GreaseLightning 😀


One down and one to go. 8th in the short dance. Not too shabby for our first year junior. Drew 9th to skate tomorrow in the free. It’s all going by so slowly but for some reason it’s almost over. Bittersweet really. Kinda want my bed…and my time zone. 


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