stefano-tanjaEverything happened very fast!

Monday I flew to Berlin and took part in a meeting with the President of the German Federation, Mr. Udo Donsdorf; the head coach of the German Federation, Mr. Martin Skotnicky; Mr. Reinhard Ketterer; our coach, Barbara Fusar-Poli (on Skype); Tanja, and me. We found a good compromise that will let us grow as a couple, and at the same time will let us be happy in our private lives.

For our future, we both agree to keep Barbara as our main coach. She will do our choreography, music, and costumes, and she will decide the planning for our season. Together with her, Mr. Skotnicky will help us in Oberstdorf, and in Berlin we will have the support of Mr. Rene Lohse. Due to the fast decision, we still don’t have a written plan of the season, but we will be divided between Milan-Oberstdorf-Berlin according to Barbara’s will.

From Sunday, we will be in Oberstdorf for a week of training with Mr. Skotnicky on the Yankee Polka and doing lots of exercises. Then, hopefully, we will fly to Detroit to train with our coach Barbara Fusar-Poli together with Mr. Igor Shpilband until the middle of August. (We are still waiting the final decision of the Federation and we didn’t reserve any flight yet.) Then we might come back to Oberstdorf. Further plans are not yet ready. Music not yet decided except for the free program. We need a bit more time.

We are really happy about our decision. Maybe we needed this time off to understand how much we missed skating together. We will ask all our fans to cross their fingers for all the work we have to do in such a short time! We are back together with great ambitions!

Stefano (& Tanja)