lpidc2012-80thThe 2012 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships are scheduled to take place from July 25-29, 2012 at the Olympic Center in Lake Placid.  This is the 80th year of the LPIDC and the organizers have special events and celebrations planned throughout the week, including a special “retro” event.  The championships are hosted by the Skating Club of New York and the New York State Olympic Regional Development Authority and is sanctioned by U.S. Figure Skating and Skate Canada.

Like in previous years, LPIDC will have events for both couples and solo dancers.  The deadline for entries is Monday, June 25.

SOLO DANCERS:  Lake Place Ice Dance Competition is a qualifying site for points leading towards the National Solo Dance Championships. Skaters may enter the events qualifying for the National Solo Dance Championships, the Lake Placid solo pattern dance events, or both. Additionally, they may enter solo free dance events.

ADULT DANCERS:  LPIDC has pattern dance events for adults from pre-bronze to championship levels.  There are also adult solo events, including free dance.

JUDGING SYSTEM:  All juvenile through senior and adult couple events will be judged using the ISU judging system.  

RETRO EVENT:  In honor of the 80th Celebration an Open 14-Step Retro Championship of North America will be held.  This is an open event and all couples skate individually to the 14 Step as drawn in the U.S. Figure Skating Tests Book, which is where the pattern dances are now listed. For the final round, only the top four couples advance. Additional information is available in the 2012 LPIDC announcement.