12sa-blog1Starting our day off right
With a hearty breakfast that was such a delight 
pancakes, eggs, fruit and bacon 
Mmmmm baby, our taste buds are shakin’ 

In this massive hotel, trying to find our way back
Back to our rooms where our skates we will pack
Walking in circles, can’t find our way
It’s a maze up in here, that’s all we can say

Getting ready for practice, here we go
Taking the ice to put on a show
Sweating like crazy under these lights
Can someone please dim the brights?

12sa-blog2Meeting up with Ben for a fundraiser 
Dang, he’s lookin’ mighty fine in a blazer  
Dropped off at the wrong hotel on the way back
Two DoubleTrees? Man, that’s just wack! 
We finally made it and all is well 
Stay tuned for tomorrow, we’ll have more to tell