You all probably get the gist of what goes on at competition. However, there are some quirky and superstitious things that go on behind the scenes that we are going to share with you. In a battle of “Who does the weirdest things,” we think Lynn wins. However, you can be the judge of that.


  1. We both have to sit in the same spot in the locker room throughout the week. There always seems to be some discomfort when you walk into the locker room and someone is already sitting in your spot. We find ourselves on the verge of asking them to move over but instead, decide to sit as closely as possible to them and infiltrate their space, even though the whole bench is open.
  2. We know our bunga pads inside and out. Even though each is identical, we know exactly which bunga pad goes on which foot.
  3. After having tied our skates, we both never untie them until we are done competing, even if that means skating last in free dance with a 45-minute wait after our warm-up.
  4. If we have a long wait after our warm-up, Logan plays Angry Birds and Bejeweled on his phone. He likes to be distracted before taking the ice. Lynn feels like an angry bird after playing Angry Birds, which doesn’t work so well with the characters we’re trying to portray on the ice, so she refrains from games on her phone.
  5. Logan always has to tie his right skate first.
  6. Logan needs to wear the same socks throughout the week (we know what a lot of you are probably thinking). This is probably why his roommate John Coughlin complains about the stench coming from his skating bag.
  7. Lynn has to use the same bathroom stall throughout the whole week. If it’s occupied, she has to wait for it to be open, even if all the other stalls are empty.
  8. With some hesitation, Lynn is going to confess that she has to color coordinate her underwear with her dress. Yes, that’s right, they were coral today.

So there you have it. Now you know what we go through before we step on the ice at competition. Perhaps you know too much now, but we’ve heard much stranger things from other competitors. Thanks for listening to our strange confessions!

Lynn and Logan