by Anne Calder

Team USA ice dancers Charlotte Maxwell & Ryan Devereaux have announced their retirement from competitive skating.  

“Our decision to retire was not an easy one, but definitely one that was mutual,” Devereaux said.  “The financial cost that comes along with training at an elite level is huge. Coupled with that is the depth of talent in the US. We recognized that with so many strong teams our focus would have to be on the passion and joy we have for the sport and the fact that we love skating together. When we weighed the pros and cons, we came to the decision that we could find fulfillment in other aspects of the sport without the financial strain of training at the highest level.”

In 2014, Maxwell and Devereaux emerged from a five-year retirement, became partners and launched the second phase of their skating careers.  During their break from skating, Devereaux earned a degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Psychology and Communications, while Maxwell received hers in Speech Language Pathology from North Texas State in Denton.  After preparing themselves academically for life outside the sport, they were drawn back to the ice after attending a Broadway show, in which one of Maxwell’s friends was performing.  

“Ryan and I have been best friends since we were both 15 and have always been very connected,” Maxwell said.  “After seeing her shine in the spotlight we both felt the need to make a change. We knew we weren’t fulfilled with the more traditional paths that we could take and both had the bug to return to skating. Ryan had trained previously in Canton, Michigan and helped to connect me with Marina Zoueva and her team. After both spending some time looking for partners, we decided that skating together was the best decision. I am so thankful and grateful for being able to spend the last 3+ years skating with Ryan. He has made everyday training a fun and exciting process.”

“Being able to compete internationally and be part of Team USA again was truly a dream come true,” Devereaux added. “The past three years of competing with Charlotte have been the best skating years of my life.”

They now look ahead to phase three of their journey. Both will be involved at the Arctic Edge continuing to train together for shows and coaching. In addition to doing choreography for both ice dancers and single skaters, Maxwell has also started a hip hop off-ice class for the summer.

“We would like to thank all of our coaches at the Arctic Edge in Canton, Michigan: Marina Zoueva for always believing in us and her vast knowledge of the sport; Johnny Johns for constantly making us laugh;  Oleg for being our biggest supporter; and,  Massimo Scali for his constant energy and ability to get anything done,” Devereaux said.  “I would like to especially thank Charlie White for working with us extensively and choreographing such amazing programs. We are forever grateful.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this if it wasn’t for my parents and my Granny.” Maxwell added.  “My family has always been my motivation and inspired me to go after my dreams. Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to Ryan for being the best partner on and off the ice and being on this journey of a lifetime together.”