Day two in Dortmund started off with a sunny morning and a wonderful hotel breakfast with an assortment of breads, yogurt, fruit, eggs, ham and cheese. And the best was the orange juice machine that squeezed fresh oranges!!! Yum!!!

Unfortunately, all the teams only had one practice today, so we ended up going to the rink to do our programs on the floor, just to keep our bodies moving and ready for the practice later.

It is just so nice to see novice and junior teams all around us! There are so many little kids warming up together, going through their programs and all dressed up! It’s definitely a different scene that what we are normally used to! And boy are they energetic!!! Makes us feel old!!!! ;P

The novice dance teams started the competition today with compulsory dances, and I was quite surprised of their techniques and abilities at such young age! It was quite impressive to see!

All the junior and senior teams did free dance today in the practices. After all the practices finished, we had the draw and then DINNER! Chris and I went to a nice Italian restaurant near our hotel. It was very good! We were surprised to see quite an assortment of fish on display, but we didn’t get that 😉 No, Chris had pizza while I stuck with a salad that was very fresh and tasty!


cr-nrw 0316 cr-nrw 0315
NRW Trophy Chris enjoys Germany at the rink

cr-nrw 0318

Now I’m off to bed and super excited for the short dance tomorrow!!! I wish everyone luck and lots of fun!!!!!

=) Cathy