Blog # 1:  Live from Boston, it’s my first blog! 

Greetings from snowy Boston!

Being from Maine, the climate is the same, but it was quite a welcome difference to be able to take a 2 hour train ride and be at the 2014 Nationals location. My only issue was the earlier train I had planned to take was actually sold out, so I left later than planned. Since I started attending Nationals in 2006, I’ve been to many locations all over the country, but none so close as what feels like my back doorstep. Given that I often have issues when flying – cancellations, weather, etc. – it was a welcome relief. When I found out that Boston was awarded the 2014 event, I was ecstatic, not only because it’s close by, but also because of the effort and enthusiasm I knew would come from those at the Skating Club of Boston.

After checking in to the Hilton, I headed to the Westin to pick up my credential and then to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) to see the layout for tomorrow. The proximity of the media room to the competition rink at BCEC is very convenient. I was able to catch the last 20 minutes of novice practice group C and spend a few minutes chatting with some familiar faces before heading back to the Hilton for some dinner in Nix’s Mate and relaxation. I’ve taken various cabs back and forth to my destination and the driver’s seem genuinely enthusiastic about the event.

I think the impending end to the competitive season can feel bittersweet because it could be the last time that we (the audience) see some competitors in this environment. There are always those who have already decided that the outcome itself is secondary to experiencing their last competitive event as they move on to do other things with their lives. While you’re watching the events, enjoy each and every skater and what they bring to the table. Consider the effort that has gone into each and every step, twizzle and mohawk on the ice. Appreciate the opportunity of getting to see their hard work culminate in their performances this week. They all have different goals.

If you’re in Boston or watching from home, take some time to watch the lower level skaters. While we’re all waiting to see who will represent Team USA in Sochi, let’s also look ahead to the teams and skaters that my represent us in Korea in 2018 and beyond and support them. You never know who it will be.


Blog #2:  Live from Boston #2

Hello from the BCEC! This year, I’m making a more serious attempt at blogging at the event. Though later in the week may get more hectic, I will do my best.

Despite Robin arriving at 1:30 AM, we were up and running at 8 so that Robin could pick up her credential and we could get to BCEC in time for the 9:15 novice pattern dance start time.
Since a shuttle isn’t available, we have been taking cabs back and forth to the BCEC and anywhere else we need to get to. It’s been infinitely more economical than if I had driven down and paid to park my car in the city.

The novice dancers started off a wonderful day of skating. As much as I was used to the traditional pattern dance music, I’ve become a fan of the skaters getting to select their own music for their performances. It’s officially grown on me, although there will always be come exceptions.

More and more familiar faces continue to arrive as the junior events will start on Tuesday. While eating lunch at Sauciety in the Westin (great food btw!), junior competitor Daniel Klaber and fellow ice dancer/coach Paul Bellantuono stopped by and joined us to talk about all the happenings since LPIDC. It was great to catch up!

Thanks to the amazing Katie who is working hard behind the scenes to get IDC’s photos online as soon as possible. Due to the busy schedule, we will only be posting photos from the actual competition events and not practices. We will, however, be posting some bonus photos from the non-dance senior events taking place at the end of the week.

That’s it for now!


Blog #3:  Live from Boston #3

Greetings from Boston!

One of the main topics of conversation today has been the weather and how it is has impeded travel to Boston. Though it’s raining here, several other parts of the country have been hit with major snow and/or ice storms that have closed airports and making it take two, three and even four times as long to get here. Competitors, parents and coaches continue to arrive and hopefully the weather will lift enough at their departure/layover points so that they can arrive here timely and safely.

This morning, the novice dancers treated us to a variety of program themes with their performances, so it was a lot of fun to watch. I’ll be writing a recap after I finish this blog.

After posting the novice free dance photos, I decided to take a break from the arena and walked across to the Westin to make a few phone calls (it’s far more quiet there). When you have a house and pets that are being cared for while you’re away, checking in with your much appreciated support system is essential. Once that was finished, I chatted with a few friends before walking back over to the BCEC.

Tonight is a late night with the junior dance practice running from 8:30-11. Of course, I’ll be here to watch.