Today was another awesome, albeit less exhausting, day in Norway.

I woke up and didn’t have to rush, which was nice because I got to eat breakfast with my roomie April. After breakfast, my hair was quite the wild mane, and since my hair straightener isn’t working with my adapter, taming the mane was very difficult. After lots of water, gel, and pins I got my hair to hold a very impressive tango bun, if I do say so myself.

By the time I finished getting ready, it was about time to leave for the draw. We drew number 10 which is second in the last group, and we’re really happy with that. After the draw we went and hung out in the rest area on the amazing bean bags before heading to warm up. Our practice was great and a lot of fun, and we did our free dance in the freezing cold practice rink. At the end, my hands were actually hot. pink. It hurt!

Once my hands thawed, we stretched and made a quick trip to the hotel for food before watching the pairs! Sarah and Joe skated really well, and are in 5th after the short. Their program includes “Fly Me to the Moon” and they wear a flight attendant and pilot costume which is clever and adorable.

On the bus ride back to the hotel it began snowing, and by the time we got off the bus it was dumping. Ahhh I love the snow so much! Camden had his short program next, and skated great as well. He is in 7th out of 16 going into the long which is really good.

Later, Greg, Logan, my parents, and I all went out for coffee at the most amazing restaurant in the heart of Hamar. The pastries and desserts there look AMAAAZING. I will definitely be going back. There was a chandelier dating back to the 1800s, and it’s one of the only two remaining in Europe. After that, we came back to the hotel and all did our own thing before eating dinner as a huge group.

That’s pretty much it! We are so excited and ready to compete tomorrow, but I’m going to sleep now so I can be my best tomorrow!

Thank you again for reading.  Goodnight from Hamar!

~ Chloe